Cortez the Killer is Messed up

Is anyone else suddenly having issues with Cortez the Killer in the app? It was fine 2 days ago, but now, at least in my Android phone, there are no lyrics, the chords disappear part way through, the song is over 24 minutes long, the vocals are gone, the speed is wrong, as in listed at 35 bpm yet playes much faster. It’s just a total mess. I already went to the Upvoty thing (which I don’t understand at all, including the part where I had to register?) @MusopiaApps . Just trying to make sure this gets reported to the right people.

edited to add: Incidentally when I open the app, it has that spinning circle that counts up to 100% as it loads. Now it’s going to 100 then starting to drop to 75 then 64 and then the app opens. Don’t know if this is relevant or not.

Got a notification of @MusopiaApps today, new songs have been added. The App showed 6 songs in the New Songs category, including Cortez and I’m on Fire. Could open none of these 6 songs. Screen says: Oops, failed to load video…".
I think it will be fixed by musopia soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

I sure hope so, I think my strumming was getting pretty good. figures lol, Got plenty of others to practice on till it’s fixed.

I’m sure they will, they always did. Didn’t you @MusopiaApps ?

Hey, Musopia are based in Finland of course they will fix it. @MusopiaApps Voisitteko ystävällisesti korjata tätä pientä ongelmaa? Ehkä tänään vielä?

The thing is, if you skip ahead in the 24 min playtime, at some point somebody will start to sing. Then no chords are displayed anymore however. Interesting :thinking:

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I had a second try last night, Cortez started normally, but the given chords sounded horrible as if it was in a different key :flushed:

@LunaRocket @Helen0609 @JokuMuu

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and apologies for any inconvenience caused!

We are getting our content team to take a look at this asap to fix so you can enjoy the songs :slight_smile:


Thank you, @MusopiaApps. Incidentally I have also discovered that For What it’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield now has vocals in the Practice portion and background vocals in the Band Portion. I can add this on the Upvoty page, too.

Great song and video, thanks!
It was just added to the app, but there is something wrong in the app version. The strumming pattern is different from this video, the speed is 35bpm but I think it is actually 114, and the song is 24min long!
Regardless, great app!

Hi Shimon @Shimi, and welcome to the community!
I think others have noticed the issues with Cortez the Killer, too, and have reported it to the developers. I sure hope it’s resolved quickly - I’d like to work on it!
Hope to see you around the community…

Hi @judi ,
Thanks for the quick reply!
Looking forward for the update.
BTW, how can I report that to the developer directly?

Hi @Shimi, the way I’ve seen people contact Musopia (the developer of the app) is by at-mentioning them in a message here on the community. @ MusopiaApps (remove the space to actually tag them) gets you to the support team.

FWIW, here’s the other thread I referred to: Cortez the Killer is Messed up. :slight_smile:

Yes, I reported it to the developer, and they already replied they will look into it. No idea how long it will take but I’m hoping it’s an easy fix because it worked fine a week ago.

Hi @LunaRocket ,
Yes, I saw your report using the link Judy’s put here.
Let’s hope they will fix it soon, but to be honest, if I use a simple strumming it is quite easy to follow the original song. They have a distinct bass bit with the Em chord. So I can find the right chord if I’m losing the rythem.
Still struggling with strumming+changing chords…

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Thank you for fixing the song in the app! :grinning:

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Hi Rebecca,
So now it is … Cortez was messed up…

That’s so correct when you look at that history :wink:

Thanks for the reminder at the moment, my neighbors are still 2 days away, so this afternoon with you-tube, Neil and Me I’ll turn up my amplifier :sunglasses:

(and probably this one… cortez the killer dave matthews warren haynes 2015 :sunglasses:)


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Thank you @MusopiaApps for fixing this!

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See, we are on the same road, Rogier! Love that version! Warren Haynes is quite powerful.

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The hubby and I watch a lot of videos with Warren Haynes with and without Government Mule. I’ve heard his version of Cortez as well, awesome.

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