Creating a drum track in a DAW

Hello folks. Me and my friend, rhythm and lead guitarists are willing to start recording to see our progress and to gain some experience. We have no idea about DAWs and we aren’t able to find a drummer cause we are living in a very small city. I am looking to solve this problem and the best way I found is to use DAWs to fill the gap of the drums. I found a video which it shows that a program called “Garageband by Apple” has a function. It is basically when you add drum track, automatically it creates a suitable drum track according to your riff.

My question is that is there any way that I can do this in any other DAWs. Like how can I create auto drum track in FL Studio, reaper, Mixcraft etc.

this is the video I am talking about in the minute 3:30 when adding a drum track automatically creates a drum section. How can I do that or if I can’t do this what should I do about creating drum tracks for our recordings.

Thanks for the help.


Erkan, I’m a Reaper user and began adding drums using MT Power Drumkit. It is free with option to make a donation.

It sounds reasonable and has many preset grooves that you can use to create a drum track.

Perhaps not as simple as Garageband but will get the job done and work with any DAW that supports VST plugins.

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I will definitely check that thank you very much. So because I am not a drummer and have no idea how a drum is being played, how can I learn to use it properly to create metal drum tracks? I am already watching some tutorials on youtube how to use drumkits. Are there any other suggestions that can you give me?

Erkan, I started off using just the pre-set grooves. I have no idea what constitutes a metal drum track, but expect you’ll find some grooves that sound OK and can get you started. Later you can start with a preset and then edit the midi, explore how you mix the drums to change the sound. But I’d say take it slow and start making music with the presets.

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I’ve certainly no automated solution, but I just search on YouTube for drum notations and then copy them into Hydrogen (insert your own software here…) drum simulator.

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Worst case you may need to learn how to read the notation, understanding what it is eg snare, kick, etc, the duration of the note, the use of rests. Then you need to know the mapping of the notes in the midi editor to the drum kit. And finally you can recreate in the midi editor of the DAW to be played through something like MT Power.

But maybe there are simpler ways to do this.

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I’ve found a video on youtube that shows how to write drum kit from scratch in 20 minutes and I already learned a foundation. So I am trying and hopefully I will be able to create my first track and maybe share it on here. :slight_smile:

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For cover songs find a Guitar Pro file on somewhere like Ultimate Guitar, export the midi from GP into your DAW (Reaper in my case) and drop Toontrack EZDrummer over the top on the drum track, sorted. Or for an original use the EZD or EZD2 extensive sample library. It will be much better and quicker than writing your own.


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Ok guys so thank you all for your advices. By trusting to my repertoire I have wrote a drum kit and its beyond amazing that what I expected. As this is my first experience on drums and writing drum I am really feeling amazing. Thank you.

Drums sound good to my ears, Erkan. Guitar was equally impressive. Now I look forward to something from you and your friend over in AVOYP (#all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing) in due course.

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Pro tabs use midi drums. You can use mt powerdrumkit as mentioned above and look at existing tracks for examples or use loops.


I think it’s easier to write them in tabs and to import the midi. This helps for that.

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 2.47.50 pm

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This video helped me a lot. So if there is anoyone who is like me just starting to use drums can check this video it is really helpful. @Mutant Thank you for your advices man really appreciate it.


Thanks, i will look at that video too

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