Erkan's Guitar Journey

Hello dear music lovers. I greet you all.

It’s been 2 years since I started playing guitar and I wanted to share my experiences with you as best as I can.

-January 5, 2021-
A turning point for my life. I had a conversation with my brother and asked for a loan which is about 230 USD. Thanks to my brother I got my first guitar. It was a Ibanez ijrx20u-bl and I still have this baby. And when I got the guitar in my hands, I immediately started practicing. I still remember my left hand’s fingers really hurt.

Here’s my picture with my brand new guitar. First day that I bought it.

-15 May, 2021-
I worked for weeks in a construction site to gain money and buy me new equipment. I bought myself a Professional Microphone to being able to take some records in my house. Also I bought Behringer UM2 Audio Interface which opened me the doors of digital music. I discovered Guitar Rig and amazed by the tones. Now, Practicing guitar was more fun and I enjoyed.

-The following six months since January 5-
It was a perfect period for me. I practiced EVERY DAY for hours. Sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 4 hours. It doesn’t matter, I practiced every day since January 5. And somethings really bad happened… I got Covid-19. I remember how tired I was. I couldn’t move my arm. So in this situation, I couldn’t practice guitar and as a result my discipline broken. I felt really sad about this because I had a discipline chain and I knew it was really really really hard to recover this chain again.

-After Covid-19-
It was a period of struggle. It was like A tale of two cities by Charles Dickens :grinning: So, I had problem about practicing because I was always feeling sad about my discipline got broken but I didn’t give up. I continued to practice and again I felt the good vibe of music on my soul and on my fingers. I was happy to being able to practice guitar again.

-September 5, 2021-
I won university and went a smaller city rather than Istanbul. Here, opportunities were less and music was not that popular but still I found some people into music and started to play with other musicians. It was a great time for me to earn some experience.

-January 5, 2022-
My first year anniversary!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

-February 22, 2022-
I started to learn DAWs and recording. It was thought times because I had nobody who understands about these things and everything was up to me. I had to learn by myself. So, I started doing it (Did I had any other choice ?) and I figured it out that I am a fast learner about music.

Even I asked you guys to help me about the things I had problem. Thank you again. It was really helpful.
The topic I asked for help :slight_smile:

Aaandd, I produced my first digital music ever.

Here is the demo of my first digital production.

-October, 2022-
I continued to practice. I met a friend of my in my class at the university who is interested in singing so we agreed on jamming together. After few sessions we thought we have a potential and we can produce. So we started without knowing anything about creating music.

-January 1, 2023-
We found our band called “Beyaz Karanlık (White Darkness)”.

The song was going good but it was hard for me because I didn’t knew anything and when I want to change even a small thing in the song It was taking my hours to do it. Mostly I couldn’t do what’s in my head so results were mostly disappointment .

-January 23, 2023-
Woww! We finished our first song ever!

It was great for me because I created everything in the song except singing and bass lines :slight_smile: Hence, I learned soo much!! I used theory and I amazed by that. I amazed myself, in just 2 years, without any professional help and only using internet (mostly JustinGuitar) I produced my first song and formed my band!

-January 27, 2023-
After publishing our song the feedbacks were awesome. We went to see some professional in our city to get some criticizing and what could we do better. Now, I have more confidence and vision for future and being into music much more. My story is this (for now) and the most help I got for my story came from Justin and his crew. I can’t thank you enough Justin and his hardworking and helpful crew for what are you doing right now. I wish best for everyone. I will try to keep this story updated when a major thing happens. Have a good practice and good luck everyone. :pray:

-February 1, 2023-

Yesterday I came Istanbul to visit my family and buy me an acoustic guitar cause trying to sound acoustic on electric guitar is not giving me enough performance I desire. Because I have a low budget I scanned for second hand guitar on the internet and agreed with someone. He is also in Istanbul but we’re far from each other. So, it took my 7 hours go to other side of Istanbul and come back to my home but it worth it because now, I have a Yamaha F310❤️ I am so happy and excited right now. Hope that this guitar will accompany my very well on my journey.

-October 23, 2023-
I went to the stage for the first time!

My friend invited me to very famous café in our city to play live music in front of the customers for 3.5 hours with 40+ songs repertoire. We rehearsed 3 times each about 3-4 hours and it was really hard for me to play along with experienced musicians because my muscles were not in form because I wasn’t playing guitar very often. But I was determined and tried to do my best and at the last rehearsal my hands were get used to do barre shapes without pain. I went to the stage without any excitement like I was going to the stage for 20+ years. My friends told me that I looked like a professional. It was such a great experience to be on the stage and see people admire your skills. I want to thank Justin and his crew who made this possible for me. Just keep learning and have fun everyone!


Hi Erkan,
I wish you a long , great and fun road :sunglasses:

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Thank you Rogier. I appreciate it! :pray:

Superb sharing of your story so far Erkan, you’ve come a long way in a short time, pretty inspiring to have gone so far as creating and recording a single to release! :clap:
Wish you all the best.

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Hello Erkan, thanks for sharing your story. That’s really amazing. You reached a lot in a very short time :hushed:. I’m looking forward to hearing more from your guitar journey.
I wish you and your band good luck and a successful future :+1::smiley:.

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Wow Erkan, that’s a cool story! Congrats for developing so many skills in this short period of only 2 years. I think Justin would be excited about the way you’ve gone. You didn’t only learn to play songs, you’re producing yourn own music. That’s fantastic!

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Thank you Mark. I really appreciate it. Wish you the best. :pray:

Hello Nicole, thank you for your amazing wishes. I hope you the best. :slight_smile: :pray:

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Thank you very much Andrea. It makes me excited when I think that Justin will see this post and appreciate my journey. I managed very much things thank to him and his crew. I wish you the best. :pray: :pray:

Hey Erkan, thanks for sharing your journey. It’s a great story and I’m glad you got your groove back after having covid. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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Thank you very Much Tony. I’m also glad that I didn’t quit. :pray:

Inspiring story, Erkan, and loving the song (again) as I reply now.

Look forward to updates as you continue to live the dream.

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Thank you David. I hope to be successful and share it with you.

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I will upload a video of me playing with the group asap :innocent: :innocent: