CT - Original riffing from many years ago

This was camcorder footage from the late 80’s maybe early 90, riffing original harp jams and songs:

To bring this whole story full circle, I reconnected with this same friend (john) after a number of years had passed, and after having not touched a guitar in a very long time. He asked me to play again and that set me back on my guitar journey – that has me scratching out various noises almost weekly now. :slight_smile:


I love this Clint. What a great story.

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You are so sweet @batwoman ! This old clip will most likely just fall to the ground. That’s OK, it was a call out to long time friendship and just having fun. My friend John got a kick out of it, so that’s the real payoff. He deserves credit for being supportive and getting me back into playing again. If nobody cares about our music, it’s possible to lose interest.

I find that an interesting comment Clint. It makes me think yet again about why people learn to play an instrument.

Just for the record, I care about you and I care about your musical expression.

Food for thought indeed.

It isn’t as simple as that – learning to play an instrument and staying motivated to continue playing it are two different things. We reach plateaus. I’m not the first person to ever put the guitar down for a time, especially back then. There weren’t other outlets like the tubez or cloudz. Playing in a room for nobody for hours on end is a bit like mastur**tion.

That was great Clint, a real blast from the past. Your harp playing was terrific, it sounded exactly like early Dylan. The whole thing was like one of those TV documentaries using old footage about rock stars on tour and preparing to go onstage for a concert like Woodstock. I really did expect Bob or Neil to appear in the background sprawled out on a sofa!

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Ooo the Donovan look :eyes: love it!

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Hi Clint,
Indeed a nice glimpse into the past, that was a pleasure to watch, listen and read…

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That was great Clint born with the groove! I can only dream now of having people playing instruments and with similar music taste back during my high school and uni time :frowning: Friends like that are definitely keepers! Interesting guitar you had there looks like it wasn’t that deep as usual acoustics are, what was it and do you still have it?

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Man, that is a great story Clint and I really enjoyed the music. The harp playing is fantastic also. I bought a whole set of harps but haven’t taken the time to learn how to play them. I’m happy for you that you reconnected with your jam buddy.

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Thanks for checking out the video. Probably more of a Spinal Tap vibe to it - dudes just goofing around.

Haha! I’ll take that gladly. :slight_smile:

It was a different world then. No online community to tie into, no Internet for learning music, we either took lessons or picked up music books at the store – or faked things badly (like me). My tuner then was an analog jobby with a VU meter type of read out. Yep, we’re in the golden age now.

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Yes, it’s the shallow bowl Ovation Balladeer and I still have it. The frets are grooved out in places and the action is too high for lead play. Super lightweight too. I hang on to it for mostly sentimental reasons. I’ve been meaning to do some slide guitar with it, but haven’t gotten around to it.

Thank you sir! Yeah. reconnected with my old buddy who reconnected me to the guitar. He will be coming out my way next month and I’m hoping for some duets.

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Love it Clint, one from the time-capsule. Got a little Nicolson look going there, almost harking back to Easy Rider times :slight_smile: Anyhow, you had the groove then and you still got it now


One vote for Donovan, one for young Jack. Not too shabby. Thanks @DavidP!

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Nice, sometimes a blast from the past brings back memories real fast. Almost did not recognize you due to the hair… But when you sang, it all was on display and brought me back to CT land. Good stuff Cliff… You had a certain wholesome quality back then!

So what does the future hold?

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Thanks @LBro! The common thread then and now is that I get a lot of joy from playing guitar.

The future will remain wide open and unplanned. I may record some of my originals at some point. In this video I was “scratchpadding” an original called “Wayfarin’ Wind” on the fly.

Thanks for sharing that Clint, it was really interesting to watch. I was loving what you were playing as well.

Maybe time to do a 2022 version of the song?

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