Customizing new forum layout?

Ok, so I’m not always good with changes - especially to things I’ve been using a lot (like: daily…)

Not going to lie, this new community is going to require some time to get used to :wink: Seems like every time a website is modernized it becomes LESS easy to use and navigate (in my opinion of course).

But perhaps you guys already figured some of this out:

  • The font and spacing is so damn big on this new forum! Only a few topics are shown on screen, it’s a lot more difficult to get an overview compared to the old list format. Is there any way to tweak these things?

  • Similar question: In the old forum there was just a long list of sub forums, not it looks like you have to first browse into a category (by icon) and THEN click a sub forums. For example, no easy way to get from main URL of the community to the AVOYP forum? How do you guys handle it?

  • Most useful link on the old forum; Unread Posts - right there on the main page, top right. What’s the easiest way to do the same here?

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Hi Kasper good to see you migrating. I will andwer last question: click on 3 lines aka hamburger icon top right corner and pick latest posts. That’s how I do it :slight_smile:

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I guess I should looked a little longer myself, because there are actually useful settings to control font size and what the default “home” page should be. It is for example even possible to set the default home page to show “Latest”. Problems solved, I guess :slight_smile:

@Kasper what Adi says works for me but from the top menu to AOVYP to quote your example, is a quick scroll with the mouse and 2 clicks and takes seconds. Its new and we are learning how to get around. You can also use the notification icon on a Category or sub-category to be advised of posts.

As to font size spacing are you talking app or browser. My old eyes need chrome set to 110% for most things but I have gone back down to 100% for the Community and that makes things better. In 5 years it will like be back up to 110 if not more :rofl:

As to Unread at the top level, that’s been tabled as a suggestion. You may find others here

Most of the items that were flushed out in testing were added here and Lieven has created what could be described as To Do List post giving criticality/priority, If you come across any issues you want look at raise a new Topic here. :upside_down_face:

Hope that helps. Since the doors were opened I’ve pretty much kept abreast of the influx of new posts using the Hamburger and New or Unread.



Bigger the font the better for those of us on the older side! On the old forum I used Tapatalk precisely for that releasing. The web site was sooooo hard to read on a phone.

This is much better and good to know it is customizable! We are likely to find little surprises about this change for a while.

Welcome aboard Kasper. This is the first sign of old age creeping up on you. :wink:

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Hmm, another question - how do you set the profile picture here on the forums? I can edit my avatar/images on the Justin site, but it doesn’t change here. Can see all the rest of you have them set to something, so clearly it’s possible :slight_smile:

Hey Kasper the trick to updating and syncing the avatar involved logging out and clearing the cache/browser history. It is explained here

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Looks like it worked :slight_smile:

Indeed, although it’s funny that anything on MY end wrt browser cache/logins should affect what YOU guys see :wink:
Oh well…

websites use the cache on your computer load faster. This is why refreshing or clearing
history is need to changes the website.
Good to see your got you Avatar working make it easier to know whos posting