D Mixolydian Étude + Whiskey In the Jar + B Mixo Jam

Here’s a short solo in Mixolydian mode loosely transcribed and copied from a youtube video by Korey Hicks. The idea was to get a feel for some typical Mixolydian phrases rather than just playing up and down the scale. Used in this way, the mode has an Allman Brothers type vibe to it.

Also it was NW day (New Webcam), so I wanted to try that out.


Sounds great, Phil, melodic and a sweet tone.

Just listening to a JG Mixolydian backing track, kinda funky and as you show with your work out, an Allman Brothers vibe.
Thanks for sharing this, you have inspired me to check this mode out. :thinking: :grinning:

Sounded great Phil, really liked your tone you have definitely mastered the game of tone :laughing:

So nice! Definitely the Allman Brothers, something else, too, but I can’t quite place it. That was a good sound and vibe you put together!

Hi Phil,
Greatly played :sunglasses: :clap:and The Allman vibes were clearly reflected in it :sunglasses:

Sounded great Phil. Competent and enjoyable.

What a mixolydian or allman sound like, are not things I’m familiar with. But it definitely sounded great!

Had to Google the title as wasn’t sure if it was English. Still not much wiser to be honest.

Great stuff Phil can’t beat a bit of Mixo for that Southern Rock vibe. Flat 7 rules :+1:

Really enjoyable Phil. Tone was great and your play was tidy.

Sounds great and looks great too. The new webcam seems to do great.

Hi Phil, I have absolutely no clue, what Mixolydian is, but I enjoyed listening to your recording very much :smiley:. And your fingerwork was quite impressive :+1::clap:.

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Thanks for listening and for the comments folks.


Yes, “Mixolydian” is an old Klingon battle-ceremony :rofl:

Very nice thanks for sharing enjoyed that


Stuart, this is another of those advanced topics that you should probably not worry about from a theory perspective. Rather just listen to playing, enjoy it (or not), comment (or not) on your experience or maybe on techniques if you have observations. For the record, mixolydian is one of 7 modes, a part of scale theory.

Here’s a video of Thin Lizzy-ish Whiskey in the Jar - the song I performed at OM XIX. I slightly messed up the solo in the OM due to nerves, so I wanted to post a less messed up one (although it’s still not quite perfect!).

Also the lighting in the OM was a bit sub standard - this one was recorded in daylight. Not sure how everybody else gets such good artifical lighting.


Just buy one of those

It remains special to see the ease with which you play :sunglasses: :clap: :sunglasses:


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Hi Phil, great playing I could listen over and over.
Really enjoyed this and your OM performance.
:clap: :clap: :clap:
Takes me back to my childhood as my brother had some Thin Lizzy albums in his record collection that could be heard playing around the house.

Thought the OM performance was great Phil and good to listen again. Being of a certain age the Lizzy track is the go to version for me, as much as I like Mr Hetfield and Co. You can’t beat this one and on my To Do list. New camera looks great.