D’oh! Temporary setback

So much for the callouses…:man_facepalming:t3:


Ouch !! Time to learn triads with 2nd 3rd and pinkie :wink: Every cloud. :sunglasses:

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ouch, hope it gets better real soon. Maybe a bit of slide is in order?

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Ouch! That has to hurt. It might be fun to try to play some of the D A E three chord songs with just your 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers.

Brutal Joshua, I hope you survive! :rofl:

Hey, at least it’s not on the tip, so maybe no barre chords but open chords might be OK?

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Unfortunately the lightest touch even to the tip is knee buckling. First time in my 57 years I have nearly fainted from pain, and I am no stranger to injury. I had to lay down on the floor before I made it to the couch! Sweating buckets all the way.

I may have shattered the tip, but the joint doesn’t hurt, so I hope not.

Triads sound good. Alternative fingerings. Strumming dynamics and finger style patterns.

Hopefully I heal before the lack of coherent song playing drives the family bats.

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What happened then? Clearly not just a cut.

I dropped a trailer hitch on it.



That sounds really painful! I hope it heals quickly.

I may lose my nail, good thing I decided to play right handed.

OMG! Ouch!! That’s some bruise too!! :scream: :flushed:
Hope it heals quickly!!

Take care!

Oh that had to hurt. Usually, I just walk into trailer hitches.

Flip the guitar over and play Hendrix style.

hope you heal fast!

Ooh man , that makes me wince. Take care.


Time to get stuck into the practical theory course! :joy:

Ei, ei, ei, doesn’t look good :flushed:. Get well soon!

Holy moly, that looks bad. :open_mouth: No wonder the pain though, so many nerve ends on that soft spot before the actual tip of the finger. - Wishing you a very good and speedy recovery! :pray:

Ouch. That has to be a crush, not just a cut. The entire tip is bruising!


That would do it. Hope it heals quickly!

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Ouch, get well soon!