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Hi All
I’m fed up searching through my various songbook indexes for songs. I want to create a database for them that will allow me to search by artist, song title, which book etc. I realise it will be a bit of an exercise to input all the data but worth it in the end I think.

My new iPad has a word processor app (Pages), a spreadsheet app (Numbers) and a presentation app (Keynote) but no database app. Any recommendations?

Thanks guys

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Hi Gordon,

Maybe worth checking out the applications discussed in this thread.

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Gordon @sairfingers
Have been using Songbook Pro for a couple of weeks now since it was mentioned in another thread.
Just been importing two songs direct from UG into Songbook Pro which is on my iPad and doing a bit of editing with a Wi-Fi link on my pc. Depending on what format your songs are you might be able to import them without much trouble. Doesn’t seem to have database but does list songs in alphabetical order
Seems to work fine for my needs and definitely worth considering.

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@Socio @MAT1953
Thanks for replying guys. I just want a simple thing that will allow me to type in all the song titles, artists, book title and page number from my song books. Then I can search for the song/artist and find the book.

Gordon @sairfingers
Don’t use a database myself but plenty of apps available for iPad, hopefully somebody who knows something about such things will suggest some to have a look at

Hi Gordon

You can create your simple database using the ‘Numbers’ app on your iPad.
Open it up and click on the ‘+’ icon where you can insert a blank table. Type in your own column headings and away you go.
You can sort the table alphabetically with any column or you can create filters for Artist, book etc.

I have ‘Numbers’ on my phone and have created a few databases on it for work.


If you’ve got Numbers it’s not difficult to do what you want, create a page with columns for the headings you want e.g. Date Song title Progress Completion date and then give the first page the name of the Artist as the tab title. Make as many copies as you need and rename them as the Artist you want to add.
With the columns in each tab you can sort by which ever title you want to, your tabs can be sorted Alphabetically or by when you added them (I think).
I haven’t actually used the iPad version so need to have a look myself, this was what I used to do in Excel but functionality should be similar.

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I use the Onsong app for that on my ipad. It offers features a database never could. Like transposing songs and generating song sheets with chord charts.

@BurnsRhythm @DarrellW
Brilliant. Thanks guys. Yes, I’ve opened up ‘Numbers’ and this would seem to be what I need. I’ve made a slow start as there is a bit of a learning curve here but I’m on my way. It’s going to take quite a while to type everything in but I’ll work away at it over a few weeks!

I’ll probably add/remove things as I refine it and change my mind as to what I need.


Thanks Tony. I just need a simple database at the moment.

Numbers is a good spreadsheet.

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This is a great idea. I have lots of songbooks that contain lots of songs that I do play and just as many that I have no interest in ever playing. I’ve never thought about cataloging each song that I play (or am learning). I’ve just started to build a database in Numbers with the following headings:

Song Title - Book - Page Number - Competent Y/N - Cheat Sheet Y/N

Re: cheat sheets I have tried a lot of apps but find the best is ultimate guitar tabs as it allows you to customise the tabs that are on there and save down to your own library.


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