Dedicated dude award - to honour the commitment and progress of oldhead49

This award is another wholly deserved recognition of a JustinGuitar student - and student is being used in the strongest possible sense here - who has been active and sharing recordings for many years. He just celebrated his sixth JG anniversary with this pair of recordings.

Dave - @oldhead49 - started learning with JustinGuitar and has immersed himself in the learning and playing process. His commitment to learning techniques and skills then applying them (and himself) to learn how to play a whole range of songs is incredible. He has recorded countless songs either solo or in collaboration with other community members - notably with @LBro with whom he has had a truly productive partnership. Dave also transcribes many of the guitar parts he plays. Not only that, he also plays other instruments on many of his recordings.

What a guy.
Congratulations Dave.
:clap: :sunglasses:


Congrats Dave @oldhead49 to this award and also to the whole team for being such a support for all learners! :hibiscus:


Congrats Dave, A well deserved honour in recognition of your dedication but also your support to the Community, old and new. Thoroughly chuffed for you !



Great job Dave and glad you will get your 5mins with Justin, although I don’t think there is much left he can teach you :wink: congratz!


Congratulations, Dave. Well deserved.


Congratulations Dave!! I’m very happy for you, it must be a great feeling! Chapeau for all the commitment and hard work you put to reach such levels of accomplishment! :blush::blush::blush:


Awesome there OH-Dave!
What a great award for a great student and player. I hope going forward you can continue to improve. Though I am not sure that will come as easy as the first 6 years that I know were not that easy to overcome!

All the best in health and wellness!

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Congrats @oldhead49, enjoy the lesson and well deserved callout.

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This is one lesson where Justin is likely to learn more than his disciple :wink:
Congratulats, old man :sunglasses:


That is great to hear, Dave, you are definitely a dedicated dude! :clap: :clap: :clap: Enjoy your lesson / conversation with Justin :slight_smile:

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congrats Dave!

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Well deserved! Thanks for being a big part of this community!

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Congrats Dave!! :clap:

Congratulations, @oldhead49 !!!

Congrat Dave, keep it going.

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Oh wow, Dave @oldhead49 , that’s fantastic :star_struck:. Congratulations and have a great 1:1 lesson with Justin :clap::bouquet::smiley:!

Great stuff Dave!

Amazing news! Congratulations and enjoy the hangout with Justin!

Congratulations :partying_face::notes::guitar:

Congrats Dave! :clap::bouquet::tada::confetti_ball::metal::sunglasses: