RAMBLiN MAN (The Allman Brothers) and Sixteen Tons (Jeff Beck feat Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top

Today marks six years that I’ve been learning guitar from Justin Guitar - and Justin Guitar only, except a few YouTubes when I got snagged on a transcription.
I’d like to express my sincere appreciation to Justin for his his lessons and thorough approach to teaching guitar, as well as to the whole team and moderators that make it work. Also my appreciation to this community for the encouragement, inspiration and support I’ve received over these six years.
Simply put, stay the course, use your time wisely and practice every day. Justin’s method works!
2022 threw a lot more curve balls at me, thus my absence. Hopefully things are going to straighten out some after March and I can get back in the game.
I hope you enjoy these recordings.
GUITARS, including bass: PRS SE Hollowbody
DRUMS: Dumpster keyboard played through MT Power Drums Midi.

Feedback/questions always welcomed.

Maggie and Brian, if you listen to Sixteen Tons the ending is up your alley. :joy:


Oh yes indeed Dave :laughing:

Something else that’s right up my ally is your playing Dave. It’s such a treat to hear and see you playing again. I wish you every good thing this year with no curve balls or nasty surprises.


Thank you, Maggie. You’ve played a big part of my journey and I appreciate your feedback. I hope you’re still playing the live OMs in your area.

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WoW WoW Wow Dave I’m near speechless.

Congrats on your 6th JGversary. I remember well your earliest recordings and the levels you have achieved in the years that follow simply boggle my mind.

You put it simply, which of course is easier said than done (I know I fall short on of your 3 points). Your dedication, determination, and persistence shows just how much can be achieved.

Both productions and mixes were outstanding.

Did you again transcribe both songs before recording all the parts? Fanastic job playing all the parts, drums, bass, guitars.

The rhythm and lead on Ramblin was exceptional, so many techniques displayed. And to be able to play that without the faintest hint of a mistake with the camera rolling.

Wonderful vocal production on Ramblin Man, all the layers.

Just love it when you produce a version from a live performance with video and do so with such accuracy that you can simply replace the original audio.

As I said, my mind boggles.

That was quite a lot from a speechless man :rofl:.

Wish you the best, and trust things will ease for you.


I was so bewitched, bedazzled and bewildered (I bet you know that one) by your playing I forgot to wish you a very happy anniversary Dave. You are certainly one of Justin’s star students and a shining light.

Yes I’m still turning up at local OMs. Currently @tony and I are rehearsing for one before he moves out of the area. It’s such a luxury to have a good guitar player with whom I can sing. I could become something of a diva :smile:

Back to you, well done Dave, beautiful, beautiful work.


Ahem :smile:

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Happy Sixth Anniversary and good to see you recording again. !

What can I say that you’ve not said already. Stick with Justin and keep on the path and all will be fine (ahem I wander off now and then !). Two stonking tracks. Can’t beat a bit of Allman Bros and whoa Sixteen Tons took me way back but I did not know of this cover. That was a surprise but I likey !

As David said great layering and production. Tone of both tracks was great and each equally well played, along with your old familiar dulcet vocals - great BG vox btw.

Looking to hear more from you my friend. :sunglasses:

You Rock Rock

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Hey Dave,
Glad to see you get this one posted. Indeed it is a fine example of where one can be in 6 years. Though few probably have the tenacity and staying power you have displayed in obtaining this level of play. Nice job on this and your journey!

Take good care and be well indeed!

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Dave, what a pleasure and what a treat to have you back here with music to share. Happy anniversary. You’re a shining light who exemplifies what can be achieved with dedication, practice and commitment to improve. All power to your elbow and all good wishes for another successful year of music making.

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Wow Dave,
How nice that I could now also see you play the guitar :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:, I had no memory of that, absolutely wonderful to see (and hear of course),
With the 2nd one it just took me a while to realize it was you… :exploding_head::clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
And what a pity that David himself came back at his first sentence at the end, because otherwise … :rofl:

I cross my fingers for the smoothest possible year for you at home and with that here with guitar stuff.


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First things first-
Congratulations on your guitarversary :smiley:

When I walked into this juke joint (only about a year after you), your age, ability and attitude led me to believe you were part of the furniture :laughing: I’ve watched in amazement how someone with talent and dedication continues to stretch himself, consistently raising the bar (as opposed to propping it up like some of us :wink:). Your absence has been felt, but I’m weirdly reassured seeing the forum’s reactions to return visits from old friends…

Regarding the musical offerings- I know I have been sniffy about some of your choices in the past, but am expanding my musical horizons. I watched a documentary on the Allman Brothers recently and even if they’re still not my cup of meat, my respect has grown. A fine production all around. The solos were the highlights for me, esp the repetitive bends in the second one. (You would have told me off for adding the fire-gimmick. Duh! :roll_eyes:)

Where does one go after cloning God himself (Mr. Clapton)? Well, to his idol, Jeff Beck.
A fitting tribute to the late great guitarist. Love the song, impeccable playing and production, and a voice that sounds like it’s revvin’ a Hog behind Billy Gibbons’ beard :smiley:

He’s back
He’s bad :sunglasses:
(Was the ending a bit abrupt?!? :rofl: )
Right, I’m off on a sabbatical to actually learn how to play guitar now…

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Dave, absolutely superb mate! Particularly 16 Tons, which takes me back to the Tennesse Ernie Ford cover: one of the songs that are indelibly on the soundtrack of my life. I’ve looked it up and it would have been playing on our Bush wireless radio 1955ish when I was 7.
Often thought of doing it but there are so many to do!
Didn’t know the Jeck Beck/ZZ Top cover that is a brilliant interpretation, so thanks for that as well. Hope to hear more from you soon.
I’ve just started this week to use MT Drummer. Any tips appreciated.
Edit: it’s probably not clear from the image but our radio was BIG. From memory at least 18” wide x 12” high.
Edit 2: carried away by memories! Should really zoom in on the incredible progress you’ve made in 6 years, which is about the time I’ve been trying to learn as well. Great credit to you.

Congrats on the guitar-versary Dave!

Your playing is incredible, to think it’s “only” been six years. Just listening to your previous recordings I’d assumed it had been a lot longer.

I hope you get to spend more time online here.

The videos. Wow. I’ve got to say, the I really liked watching you play on Ramblin Man. Being able to watch the playing makes it so much more impressive.

But… the song I preferred by far was Sixteen Tons. An awesome song, awesome groove to it and great tones.

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Well happy guitarversary Dave - and it’s great to see you!! Both songs were amazing, I always love your covers. And it was nice to see you playing. I especially enjoyed Rambling Man as for as long as I can remember I’ve always thought of myself as a ramblin woman. Or at least with the heart of a ramblin woman, chained to an accountant’s desk :joy:

Keep rockin on Dave :metal:

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Got to add to my first post. Not sure where you pulled out 16 Tons from. Maybe I missed it? But I caught it here and it was great. We lost a great one when Beck passed…

All the best and I hope the next 6 years are as good to you!

Incredibly inspiring playing Dave. You were on fire, especially at the end of rambling man! :wink:

Love ZZ top so that one was my favorite. Really well played for both though

Hope to be half as good as you are 6 years in!

Great to see you on here, Dave! Fantastic, as always!! Great job on both songs. Incredible Riffs and Solos. I have a 45 of Ramblin Man. Has always been a favorite of mine. Sixteen Rons also really good.

Fantastic stuff Dave. 6 years very well invested and the results are very clear for all! Very very impressive!

Dave good to see you back at doing what is clearly your strength, really fantastic playing and although 2022 might have been a curved trails for you you definitely reached the destination which is here with this offering! Great stuff and hope to see you more around :grinning:

Hi @oldhead49 ,
I am enjoying your superb playing.
Your excellent display of guitar proficiency is superb and very inspiring!!!
Your musicality and clean tones are so much appreciated!!!
Thank you for sharing!