Difference between Tabs app and lessons/song app

I’ve been doing lessons from the website and just finished the last lesson of grade 1. (Not passed or complete as I know I have plenty of practice before moving to grade 2.)

So now that I know I’m interested and able to continue, I think I should get one of the apps. I’d like to learn some actual songs beyond the few provided in the website lessons. But I don’t understand the difference between the Tabs/songs app and the lessons/songs app. I went to the website for both apps. The one for Tabs looks promising, but is it just like sheet music on a screen? Is there any interaction? The Justin Guitar App website doesn’t have much info at all. It just says, hey try this app.

What I’d like is interactive song learning, like I have to hit the right cords properly before moving onto the next cord or something like that. If neither app provides that, the tabs are okay. I just want to see what the options are before committing to a subscription.

I apologize if this question’s been asked already. I did a search and didn’t come up with the answer.

Hi Cheryl,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

I have not read the following very good so only on the two things ‘Tabs app and lessons app’ and it is now a bit older so I am not sure if this information is of any use to you (it is sometimes fast here with progress in this area) … if not, sorry for your time loss :smile: and others will tell you really helpful things and if yes good luck and see you later on this forum ,

Greetings Rogier

The Justin Guitar Lesson/Songs App is an interactive song learning tool. It is available on the Android or Apple Store. It feels just like being in the band because you have a backing track that is linked to the tabs and the visual cue makes it easy to follow the rhythm/strumming pattern. It’s like a karaoke but for guitar.

Many popular songs are simplified to allow a beginner to play them in the app which is fun since you don’t have to wait until grade 2 or 3 to play them.

On the other hand, the tabs subscription is a feature of the website. The tabs are there to follow along with the song video lessons. It displays the tabs, similar to a songbook. The tabs are verified by Justin to fit with the lessons. No backing track, but it includes songs for all levels (grade 1 to 6).

I think that they both offer a free trial. So, you can get your own idea.


Oooo ,Tabs subscription :upside_down_face: …I was confused by the word app, but that of course makes sense for a phone, it is already much too late for me to think clear, thanks for the clear explanation… :sunglasses:


Hi Cheryl @pfrost02,
Following up on Matieu’s @math07 excellent summary - the song version presented by the Tabs does not always exactly match Justin’s accompanying lesson. I don’t find this a problem - in fact as an advancing beginner I enjoy the extra thinking sometimes required to use the tabs given my current skills! That said, given what you said you currently are looking for I think the Songs App is a better fit. I expect you’ll know when you want the Tabs!


Ah, thank you so much. Sounds like the lessons and songs app is the best option for right now. I also did not realize the tabs thing was a website subscription.

@roger_holland – That was my fault. I thought the tabs subscription was an app. Your linked post was also helpful and almost answered my question. But the answers all referred to “the app” and I was still unclear about which one. (And now I realize there was only one app and one subscrip).


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