DiGASter averted


I was in a similar position, overwhelmed by choices. I ended up getting a pair of JBL 305p MkII monitors - largely because everyone from forum experts to my guitar teacher recommended them. I found a good deal on a new pair on Reverb.

I’ve also heard great things about the PreSonus Eris line. The 3.5s make a great budget pair at half the price, and come with a free copy of PreSonus Studio One Artist (which I really like) if you need a DAW.

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WRT studio monitors, I’m also in the market.

There’s an existing topic, so I’m asking some questions over there.

All those syndromes, whatever is good to induce some deep layered blues to feel bad about ourselves to get inspired to yank out some dirty licks or soulful playing :wink:

I’m suffering of GWS : guitar withdrawal syndrome. In Austria on a holiday which is very nice but I miss singing my songs alongside my guitar! First world problems :smiley:

I remembered this topic today. Found a good deal on a Tele (player series) and couldn’t resist. Wait for it on the AVOUP section. I’m weeeak!


Well done Kevin. Sure, you’re weak, but who cares, you’re gettin a new Tele!

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Man, a Tele is on my wish list. Not so long after your epiphone as well I think?

Super keen to see it!