Do I need a ukelele?

I’m very tempted to buy one but do I really need one?


Does this answer your question? :smiley:

After that revisit I am almost tempted !

This week I saw that song from above from @brianlarsen and laughed the pain in my back.
Of course you need a ukulele,…I see life as totally meaningless and actually don’t remember why I didn’t buy one right away…hup, see where the nearest guitar/ukulele shop is…
I’m asking for one for my birthday…really.
Greetings ,Rogier

Why guitar players need ukes

Don’t know if you need one, but if you’re interested in them then I say go for it! They’re fun and inexpensive instruments.

They are great fun, I really should play mine more often.

Be very careful, they soon multiply because you get curious about what the other sizes are like!
I have a Soprano, Concert, 2 Tenors (high and low G) a Baritone and a Bass; yup, they’re great fun not to be missed!
BUT unless you’ve got small hands I would suggest getting a bigger one than the Soprano - if you’ve got big hands nothing smaller than a Tenor!

But with average hands you are scrxwed, then you have to buy everything… :see_no_evil:

For average hands a Concert size is a good idea, maybe a Tenor if you’re finding it difficult to get the chords.

I just wanted to make and joke now…or hope it really didn’t matter(so i could buy without thinking), but never knew beforehand about all those differences…September will be the month I buy one and I’ll gladly take your advice.Thanks. …

Or Brain has to throw a spanner in the works

Yes, thank you Brian, I think it has. :rofl:

What sort is yours?

I bought a Makala Shark Soprano for my daughter a couple of weeks ago. She really liked it because it is purple and there is a shark as a saddle.

But it seems that I’m the only one playing it. I play it whenever I have spare time! It’s so much fun! The few basic chords are really easy to learn if you know how to play guitar. I haven’t even played my guitar since I bought that Makala :sweat_smile:

But like Justin says, a concert size is recommended for adults! That soprano that we have needs some work with some chords because the fretboard is so small, but it’s doable though🙈