Does any body know what Martin guitar is this?

This one ?

The sound seems amazing

Sounds great. Don’t know for sure sorry. Possibly rosewood on the back and sides as that is always darker and clearly a Dreadnought. I think the D-28 is the kind of legendary one but will be very expensive. No idea if that’s what she’s got there but another clue might be that the neck joins the body at the 14th fret.

Man I love this sound so much . Must buy it some day :slight_smile:

Pretty sure its a D-28 :grin: an Icon and Martins flagship.
Keep in mind. Its an amazing guitar and it sounds great, but she could pretty much make any guitar sound great. Its not just the guitar by it self :grin:

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Does look like a D28, serious bucks :grin:

I have a similar but polar opposite skill



Hahahaha!!! I too have this skill :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I agree with BobW72. I’m pretty sure it’s a D-28. The purfling, which is the decorative black lines just inside the white binding, is consistent with a D-28.

Yeah, I have to keep my guitars either locked in their cases or with the retention strap on their stands to prevent them from running away.

From today I am going to start saving money for that guitar. :slight_smile:

It sounds OK, but its an expensive guitar so it should, plenty of other options, see which fits you best

Take a look at this, it’s sold now but if you can find one they are very good - I have one of the same brands classical guitar, it’s just amazing!

The legendary Terada factory is known for its OEM production (Original Equipment Manufacturer), original manufacturer for Martin, Ibanez, Orville, Gibson, Guild, Morris and also for Jedson (JE Dallas & Sons / later Dallas Arbiter). Terada has a great reputation for building high quality instruments - rightly so!

Agreed. There is a large following of these older Japanese guitars. Often design copies, but copied and built by Japanese master craftsman to exacting standards. Lots of well regarded instruments at more reasonable prices without the brand stamp.

I am in South Korea and buying online is risky as there is no way for me to compare sounds.

Do you have a Guitar shop where you are where you can go to try a few?

Yes actually I go to a building that there are hundreds of guitars there however when I search online ( most of those store have online presence as well ) I can’t find this brand here.

Go and try a Martin Dread out and see if you like the size of it… it is a fairly big size for many.
And try out other than the D-28, all wooden dread models from Martin starts from D-10 and going upwards in numbers. D-10 and D-12 is great guitars and a lot cheaper than the D-28
I have a D-10 and it sounds and plays great…. All Martin Dreads are same size. D stands for dreadnought and the number indicates what wood is used… usually… higher number more expensive they come…

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Thanks I already have Martin Martin D-10E and I love the sound . I am just researching and learning right now

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Ahh. Ok, then you know exactly what a Martin D is :rofl:
Guess D-28 is your next Martin then :grin::+1: