Does anyone know what type of guitar this is please?

Anyone know what this guitar is.
It was my grandfather’s, I might try to fix it up a bit

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Picture of the head stock would help.

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Headstock shot?

Any serial number or markings?

It’s a strat so plenty of parts out there to fix with


I’m assuming the jack socket was in the piece that’s broken

nestie - are there any names / model numbers or any other indications on the outside?

If not, can you unscrew some of the parts and take a look inside?

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I stripped everything down, no sign of any number or markings.

Consider the possibility that the neck has been warped beyond repair by the truss rod tension not being countered by string tension. Unless the truss rod was backed off, sitting for an extended time without strings can ruin the neck.


I’m just trying to figure out if I can find the same parts as what’s on it.
The neck looks straight

It looks like a generic strat, you can probably just drop in a generic strat scratch plate kit into it?

Probably the easiest thing to do, I’ll have to get the router out for a new jack socket

it doesnt have a jack already? This was on the pick guard?

Looks almost like something home made, or a bitsa.

The horns are wrong for a proper Strat copy, but the headstock is a large Strat (Fender used a distinctly large headstock for a period, before moving to the current smaller headstock).
Tuners look cheap, as they’re plated plastic/phenolic.
Zero fret isn’t very common.
Tremolo isn’t common, but I can’t place the make.
I’m wondering what the bit is next to the string trees (one of which looks broken for the high e string).

Is that the output jack up next to the neck pickup?

I do know where you could post the pictures, and somebody is very likely to know what it is/has been.

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Thats a switch of some sort

The extra thing on the headstock I think is an allen key holder? nothing looks broke but theres a missing part on one of the tuners.

It all looks cheap 70-80’s copy stuff

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I can’t make up my mind if it’s a switch, or a phono jack.
From the angle of photo, the centre looks a bit too central to be a switch.

Its a 3 way switch , petty sure, that would be a terrible place for a jack , but then that might fit with the overall aesthetic.


It’s a switch.
It’s definitely 70s/80s could even be before that.
I think there was only 1 volume knob and the phone jack was in the piece of the scratch plate that’s broke off.

@Nestie do you want me to post the pictures elsewhere to try and find out some more information?

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So 1 3 way switch and the black (2 way?) switch?

I would assume that black switch would do volume/tone on the one dial but …

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Yes please, if you don’t mind that would be great

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