Don't think twice before getting the App ... it's alright!

Downloaded the app and paid for membership and I’ve spent the whole day on it. It is really well done. If you’re a beginner like me just the songs part is brilliant, I never realised that I was a closet Country and Western fan and the way that it is done makes for compulsive guitar playing.
Well done the whole Justin Guitar team I have had a wonderful day and am looking forward to frittering away tomorrow seeing how many other songs I can delve into, if my fingers will let me!


Hey I just read your post and the title sounds like you are advising people to think twice before getting the app, which is typically a warning against. Should be titled “Don’t think twice…”.

Thanks for the endorsement, Nick.

As @wdperkins suggests, I opened the post expecting to be dealing with some issues and concerns, which of course is quite OK, but am relieved that I was misled by the title … I assume so.

If so let’s edit that title please. You should be able to do so but if not let me know and I’ll do son on your behalf.

All that aside, I think you highlighted the primary benefit of the App … the songs part.

There are lessons for Grade 1 and 2 but I always encourage app users to also work through the lessons on the website. Firstly, eventually you will have to use the website as you progress beyond the lesson coverage in the app. Secondly, the lessons on the website provide more detail than you’ll find on the app.

Keep on keeping on; ever onward!


……or as Bobby D would say “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright”. :smiley:


Hi David, it was British humour. Just delete the post if it’s causing problems, sorry.


I agree wholehearetedly on the value of the app mainly being with the songs. It’s terrific for maintaining rhythm and a great way to explore playing songs you’d never think of playing. The matrix on the OMC is also really useful to keep track of progressing through Grade 1.

I must admit though for the lessons I revert back to the website and follow the path there, I have noticed (in the past, not sure if it’s still the same) the path / modules differ from the website which confused me quite alot at the time. I also think if there was a way to link your progress on the website with the app so it’s a seamless experience that would be an amazing update, though appreciate that’s not a straightforward task.

Either way, worth every penny for me and thanks to all who work on it and maintain it. :clap:

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No worries, Nick, just humour not obvious when the only context is the subject line and certainly no need to remove the post. I’ll take the liberty of amending the subject line to borrow from @sairfingers link to Dylan’s song title. Hopefully still generate a smile. And as I said before, the endorsement is appreciated and helpful to others who may be considering getting the App.

I’m glad I stumbled into this thread as I didn’t realize the web version of the series might be preferred. Except for some other content, I have been using the app exclusively for my core lesson plan. I’m currently on module 9, can you think of anything in particular I should go back and review? Thanks.

William, I’d suggest every time you get 5 minutes for a cuppa to have a look at the written description of each module in lessons 1 to 8. Think of it as a recap of what you have learned so far and an opportunity to pickup any further information that you may have missed.

Going forward I would consider using the website along with the websites built in My Practice Assistant as main learning tool and use the App for recap and song practice. Although the user interface on the apps practice routine is really good it does miss out on items in the recommended practice routines and when you get onto practicing improvisation with the C Major Scale the app doesn’t have the backing track.

Also the App only goes up to beginners grade 2. So going forward you will need to move onto the website until such time they add the next grades to the app.

One further point is that you will reach the stage where you need to develop your own practice routine which where the My Practice Assistant Tool becomes really useful. Also I’m sure Justin said something along the lines of practice what you can’t do and not what you can do, so with the website system you can modify the practice routine to spend more time on things you struggle with and less time on things you have become good at.



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Great advice James!

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William, I’m not an App user so have no specific examples.

I think @Socio’s suggestion is a good one and less time consuming than watching the lesson videos on the website. And perhaps if you pick up anything fresh in the reading of the lesson text then maybe double down and watch that lesson video specifically.

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@Socio @DavidP since I’m just starting F chord, now’s a good time to put it off and go back and refresh a little. Thanks.

PS When I first started JG one of the reasons I jumped to app was the practice module. It’s more easily understandable in the app. On web version, at first it seemed like I had to create my own routines and populate the practice module with them; I hadn’t gotten to the end of a module to see where it offers to create them for you. Maybe I’ll learn why it’s like this as I get used to it, but I’m not sure why the practice module doesn’t start out with the practice elements already there.

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I liked the original title :slight_smile: Gave me an idea of a therapy group like AA but about guitars. Guitarists Anonymous or something like that.

@wdperkins I had the same experience with the practice routines as you did…I found the pre-populated approach on the app much easier to use than the website, at least at first. It Just Works.

But I think anybody using the app should explore the website too…lots of good stuff there that the app doesn’t cover.

“Horses for courses” …that’s a UK-ism as well, no? :slight_smile:

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I read this as don’t think twice about getting the amp and almost got myself a Marshall haha

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Thanks for the positive post Nick, glad you’re enjoying it and learning. :slight_smile:

Update: I ordered the Marshall. A 1w DSL head!

I paid for a years worth of the app (which has just run out)
In that time the app was updated to the current version, and I have to say I found it a huge help in my early days of learning the basics and trying to play along with songs

It’s a huge help having the play along versions and it really makes you feel you play a ‘song’ albeit a basic version
The videos themselves too are nicely laid out and you have the other features aswell

I’m probably not going to renew (I will support Justin in other ways though) as I can use the videos on the website and use Ultimate Guitar for song chords for the time being. But I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone and everyone

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