Drift Away - Original song

Hi All,
I have had these lyrics floating around in my head for a while and couldn’t get them to piece together, however earlier today while walking on the beach they seemed to click so once I got home I decided to sit on the porch, record it in one take on the iPad and send it out there and see how it sounded. Any comments or feedback always welcome.

Thanks for the listen.


Great job Eddie. I liked the chord sequence very much - had a kind of hypnotic feel I thought. Nice singing as well.

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I like the dream like chord progression. Well done.

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Thanks Jay. It’s a pretty simple progression Em7-dsus2-cadd9 with the high e string ringing out on all 3 chords. Thanks for checking it out.

Thanks Steven and glad you liked it. Pretty simple progression but I always liked the sound when the high e strings ring out.

Hi Eddie,
Good as always :sunglasses: :clap:

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Hey Eddie!!

Great tune and a wonderful progression. The lyrics are solid too!! I really like the song.

You asked for comments and feedback and so I will give you my two cents, although you should know that I have NO EXPERIENCE writing songs or anything even close to it.

I have, however, been listening to records under my own steam since I was about 6 years old, so at the age of 55, maybe that qualifies me a little as a “mediocre” listener (as Richard said in the 1st Vintage Club session) of music.

Anyway, I would challenge you to work out another section to the song that changes the dynamic a little (not too radical with the change, eh, cuz the progression is lovely) but just something to change up the “listener experience” at some point during the song.

Maybe a pre chorus that builds in tempo and volume and then into a slightly “bigger” sounding chorus (here, by bigger I mean more energy vocally) .

Or a bridge that has some slightly different (but consonant) chords that lyrically gives us a backdrop to the “drift away” concept (maybe hinting at why the song’s protagonist likes to drift away???)

Again, these are just my two cents and I thought I would make some suggestions based on a one time listen to the tune. My ideas may be “out there” or not relevant or whatever. They’re just ideas. Maybe for you the tune doesn’t need to evolve and that’s cool too.

Regardless, it’s a really great tune and you should be proud of what you’ve done. Even if Drift Away stays as it is and doesn’t evolve it’s a real cool thing to have under your belt!!


Keep on writing and I’ll keep listening!


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I’m going to say it Eddie. Savage.

The best songs sound like they’ve always existed. I’m getting that feeling from this. Beautiful in everyway. Brilliantly manufactured and executed.

Imagining a violin and piano section lending to a big crescendo of dramatic waves of dreaminess.

Thanks brother.

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Mesmerizing, Eddie. Well done!

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HI Eddie,
Sounded pretty good. I am glad it all came together and you got it tracked and out the door!!

My take on it is that you need a chorus in there. If you have one now, it needs to be more distinct and different than the verse areas. That chorus should stand out and grab one into mix so to speak. I think you have a great song foundation to work with, but that it grinds along being too much the same…

Nice recording, guitar tones, and vox. Well put together production wise!

All the best,

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Thanks as always Rogier😎Groetjes.

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Thank you Jeremy and I appreciate your feedback and assessment. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for taking the time to listen and to comment. :sunglasses:

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Thanks so much Robert. :sunglasses:

Thanks LB and I appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to check it out :sunglasses:

Thanks Dom and appreciate your comment. Savage is the highest praise for an Irish man :ireland::joy:. I knew when I played this one that it was a bit slow but that’s how it sounded inside my head , and was how I wanted it to come out. Thanks again Dom! Hope alls well and wish you a good holiday period coming up.

Any time. . .that’s what I am here for… . .keep em comin!!

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Ahhh man, that was beautiful. For a live, back porch performance, the song, playing and vocal comes across excellent. Not that you have to, but would love to hear this as a studio recording….just vocal and guitar. Great stuff, kind regards.

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Thanks Lee and I am glad you liked this one. I do eventually intend to get into better recording and production but for now it’s just me and the guitar. Cheers again for checking it out ! :sunglasses:

Hi Eddie, great job. The chord progression and the lyrics fit together ‘the song was slightly hypnotic and your vocals enhanced the song. The song lyrics were balanced between melancholy and hope, but leaned a little more to the melancholy, so a switch up to a few plain major chords in the chorus might balance it out, like Paul used to balance out John in the Beatles songwriting. I am just a beginning songwriter so take my advice with a grain of salt. I liked the song and will love to hear the final studio version.

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Thank you Steve. I really appreciate the listen and your feedback! Glad you enjoyed it.:sunglasses: