Dro_1 - June 2022 - Hey Hey + Layla + Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out

Hey (hey) all,

I came across Hey Hey when doing the Grade 2 Blues module last week, where Justin provides a list of beginner blues songs. So I thought I would use this song to try to make practical sense of some of the points covered in that module.

From what I could tell, the song has a bit of mixed structure from the different 12 bar blues progressions that were outlined in the module → given that the song stays on the E7 (I chord) for the 12th bar rather than go to the B7 (V chord).
I think that Justin did mention that some blues songs tend to mix and match things from the standard, quick change and slow change progressions.
With that in mind, there also seems to be some variation to the opening 2 bars of the verse depending on what source is being looked up for this song. Some do a quick change, some stay on the E7.

For the verses in my playthrough, I opted to use the quick change to the A7 (IV chord) on the 2nd bar because when I tried out the E7 for the first 2 bars of the verse it seemed to be lacking something in the way that I was playing it… (apart from the missing vocals.)

That lackluster aspect was probably due to me playing the verses with the regular open 7th chords rather than using the “chunka chunka” stuff. My reasoning for that was to give my fingers a bit of a break to regroup and think ahead for the next part of the song. But I hope I got away with it :slight_smile:

If I’ve made any incorrect observations or wrong use of anything feel free to let me know.

It was pretty fun to play and I enjoyed learning it. No audio file comparison for this one, as I went straight to video once I got a feel for it. Feedback and general comments appreciated as always, Thanks.




Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out


Beyond me to comment on what chords should be played but I enjoyed it and thought it was well played.

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Hi Sandro,
That looked difficult and good. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:…Grade 2 blues module? I just don’t understand it :upside_down_face:… do you mean the blues lessons in grade 2 or am I missing something? probably… :smile:… because this is not what I can remember from grade 2…again, well done,

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Some slick playin there Sandro! Very enjoyable mate. In the groove and lookin relaxed too. Well done mate :+1:

Cheers, Shane

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That was good! Is it meant to be played fingerstyle or was that your flair?

Loved the sliding riff. So cool.

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That sounded great, Sandro, showcasing all the skill with both left and hand right hand that you have developed.

I think your performance is unmistakable to anybody who has listened to Clapton Unplugged.

A couple of spots I picked up that you can still polish, to be flawless, I have a sense that the tempo may have varied at times, and I would have liked some extra volume on the notes that are slid up or down.

But those comments are to take your already ever so goo rendition to be just like EC.

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@skinnyt thanks Trevor. I was worried the verses might have sounded a bit butchered, but I’m glad you enjoyed it.

@roger_holland thanks Rogier. I think Justin mentions ‘Before you accuse me’ more than this one in his Grade2 blues videos. But he also listed ‘Hey Hey’ as part of the blues beginner songs at the end of Module 13 in Grade2. I just thought it looked like a fun song to try from his list.

@sclay cheers Shane. I might have to try learn some sadder gloomy blues material for the rest of this week… after last night’s pitiful Origin match :frowning:

@jkahn thanks man. This one is all finger style from what I’ve looked up. For the verse I wouldn’t really call it ‘my flair’… but instead of using the blues shuffle riff, I just bluffed my way through the verse by holding the basic open 7th chords and using a simple pattern until I got to the turnaround.

@davidP thanks David. When practicing a song, I try do it alongside the original. When I record a song, I just set a tempo in my head and try to maintain it… which might then become inconsistent without me really noticing. I’ll try work on that.
I’m actually a bit annoyed that I didn’t listen to the original a couple of minutes before recording this one, because I set a noticeably slower tempo for myself when I compare it to how I was practicing it.
And for the slides, I’m actually surprised I managed to get any sound at all :laughing: my thicker strings don’t really play too well with long slides. Appreciate the feedback. cheers


Really nice Sandro, we’ll done!!

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Really good Sandro, well done. Some super skills on display there. What about adding a vocal to it?

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@jsgreen thanks James, much appreciated.

@sairfingers thanks Gordon

I might try experimenting with a vocal for one possibly in the future. Although I’d probably describe it more as me narrating songs rather than singing them :laughing:

Hi all. I got around to trying out the main solo for Layla so that I could finally do the whole song all the way through.
It’s annoying that there are 3 verses to get through before the main solo appears… so I couldn’t be bothered to try and get a better take after I got this one.

Whenever I go into solos, I throw out the thumb/finger positioning rules. I use my thumb quite a lot to hit the notes even on thinner strings - or basically whichever finger is most comfortable for me to use at that part of the solo.
Also if I can find matching notes on the thinner strings, then I generally use them to avoid the higher frets that are harder for me to reach on my non-cutaway guitar. An example of that is when I use the lower frets on the B & E strings for the 6 mini slides.

The only changes in my new Layla video compared to an old one that I did last year, was the inclusion of the main solo as mentioned, and slightly slowing down my tempo to get closer to that of the album version… but my tempo here is still a bit inconsistent during parts of the playthrough.

If I ever bother to learn new stuff for the verse sections so that they sound less dull, then maybe I’ll make another video of this song in a year or two :slight_smile:
Feedback and comments welcome, thanks.

P.S. For comparison, below is a link to the old video which only had a rough version of the shorter solo at the very start of the song. And the tempo of that playthrough is also a bit quicker.

Layla (Unplugged) incomplete, old recording

Below is an even older audio file, which is just me basically repeating the verses and chorus riff over and over again (without neither the intro solo nor the main solo)


I think that was great Sandro, really got this claptonese in there going, fab job! I think one thing you could benefit off which was mentioned in another poet was a backing track, that would fill the emptiness that was hidden before your wonderful solo. Evem if it’s just a drum beat that would make it heaps better, just my opinion :slight_smile: all the best

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Sounding good to me Sandro and well done for making it to the end. Good perseverance ! Yes a backing track would add a little extra but more than happy to just listen to just the guitar this time :+1:

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Sounded good sir! You just picked up a new subscriber. No one here (that plays this good) should go through life with only one subscriber! :slight_smile:


Nicely done!

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Good job :+1::+1:

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:clap: :clap: :clap:
A fine performance, Sandro, I thoroughly enjoyed that.

I can’t offer you any specific (and accurate with confidence) feedback on the playing of the solos, thinking specifically about the timing and feel, with the intention to help you to continue to improve your playing. You are in point of fact, playing above my play-grade.

That said, I did have a feeling that the intro solo was played through in one long burst and my memory/sense of it was of there being a couple of pauses here and there to take a metaphorical breath, but I could be totally wrong.

All that aside, it was excellently done.

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@adi_mrok thanks man, your comment is much appreciated. Yeah, I think backing tracks and/or vocals had been mentioned to help fill in some gaps… but since I suck at the latter, then I might try to get into the habit of searching for backing tracks for certain songs. I remember last year there used to be a nice BT website with a huge catalogue, but it seems to have been shutdown and the other sites are kind of hit and miss. I’ll have a look around though. cheers

@TheMadman_tobyjenner cheers Toby. I sort of had a brief look at the main part previously, but left it on the to-do list quite a while ago.
However, recently I’ve been trying out some improv licks on-and-off since I checked out the blues Grade2 module the other week. And because I think copying solos is a bit easier for me to do at this stage rather than improvisations, I just figured I’ll go back to do the Layla solo and finally make it to the end of the song.

@CT thanks for the support mate, especially for being my first ever subscriber :rofl:
Joining this community last month was the only reason I started posting anything on youtube, so I’m glad it was someone from here that broke the duck. I haven’t actually told anyone IRL that I’m uploading stuff, but I might eventually let a few mates and relos know down the track to take a bit of a look if they want.

@TheCluelessLuthier @half_step thanks for the comments guys.

@davidP Cheers for the compliment and feedback David. Maybe after hitting the D note on the G string I could’ve let it “breath” for another split sec or so… if that was the part you were thinking of. I’m eyeing off another song to try with a little solo in it, so I’ll see how that one goes. After that, I might try to move away from clapton stuff for a little while :slight_smile:

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Here is another one that I tried out, which has a little solo in it. I kind of fluffed it up a bit, and my playthrough is slightly “ringy” at times… but I’ll just lie and say that I did it on purpose to add some character to it :slight_smile:

I’ve skipped the piano non-vocal section that comes right after the solo, since I would’ve just been repeating the exact same chord progression that’s already used all the way through and sound the same anyway.
So in case anyone wants to try hum/sing along to it, you’ll have to jump straight into the chorus as soon as the solo finishes. You might also notice that my last little outro riff at the end of the song comes in slightly too early, which will most likely overlap with the final word that is sung.
Feedback and general comments are welcome as always. Cheers


That was terrific Sandro. You must be really close to nailing the original. Well done. I thought your rhythm and timing were first class.

You raise the point that you didn’t play the piano solo part as it was the same progression as the rest of the song.
This raises another issue. If someone is playing a non vocal version of a song, whether fingerstyle or strumming, is it necessary/should they play all the verses and choruses?
Answers on a postcard……