Dro_1 - June 2023 - More Than Words - Extreme (cover)

Hi all, I haven’t posted much in a while so here’s one I did during the week.
I had gone through this song’s tutorial quite early on during my learning, so when I play it I still find myself using the regular D in spots where it should be a D variant… but I think it sort of blends in unnoticed anyway :slight_smile:
Whenever I play ‘More Than Words’, it usually feels in my head like I’m tapping ok throughout the entire song, but watching this video made me notice that my tap/slaps aren’t as accentuated or consistent as what I had imagined myself doing… so that’s something I’ll try to focus on when I play it again moving forward.

Any feedback, tips or general comments are welcomed as always. Ta


Hi Sandro,
Nicely played :sunglasses: :clap: this song really makes me want to buy an acoustic (acoustasonic) … What stands out is that your fingers often bend too far and in extreme at the G chord but also elsewhere … work on that (In the past i have to watch out for that and I worked hard on it ,I think I never do it anymore)

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That was very nice to listen to

@Dro_1 Thanks to your example it gave me the inspiration to go back to Justin’s lesson and try this technique again. Have tried it briefly in the past, this time it worked better. How hard was it to get this working for you?

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Very nice cover! I didn’t notice the D chord mistakes. :slight_smile:

You’re doing great with the slaps. I’ve been practicing it more lately, and this lesson helped a lot

I find the slap technique hard to get right. Especially to keep it consistent and at the right volume. But I feel I’m getting better at it every month. So I guess my tip is to practice and be patient with this one. :smiley:

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@roger_holland Thanks rogier, I could have sworn I had seen you an an acoustic at some point :thinking:

Yes I’m not sure how or why I started hyperextending my pinky/ring fingers on the G and Cadd9, etc. My fingers have the normal curve on Ds, but then subconsciously hyperextend themselves at the G shape haha
It doesn’t feel awkward for me at all, but it does look a bit awkward when I watch it on video from a viewer’s perspective. I will see if I can try to make my muscle memory forget about the hyper extension and hopefully play a bit more normally :rofl:

@tony thanks Tony, glad you liked it.

If you’re referring to the tapping part, then I think it just gradually comes through the more times you play this song. I looked into this tutorial back when my only goal was to be able to play along to some songs… even if it meant a single strum per bar or using simplified chords. So by the time I started adding in the taps to fill this song out I don’t recall it being too much of a hassle to get it working… (although in my head I thought I was doing it a bit better than what came out on my video like I mentioned in my OP.)

@kamkor Thanks for the kind words Kamil.

Yeah, the good thing about rewatching our recordings is that we can see what we can improve on. Like I mentioned above, the taps/slaps being one of those things for me. So I’ll definitely be checking out your link and keep practicing it :slight_smile: cheers


:smile: maybe your memory is better than you think… there is a picture that I have an acoustic on my wall (maybe more than 1(?) ) and I use a mini with songs without video because then I put the phone in front of the amplifier put a mini acoustic (20cm +) down under the camera to have something in view, and my intro version of More than words I did a version with an acoustic pedal, but that is somewhat hidden in my Learning log…so that is a lot of acoustic :joy:

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Hello Sandro, this was really enjoyable. Very nicely played :+1::clap::smiley:.
To me, the tapping sounded good and consistent.
There are many different chords in this song. I could imagine that it was lots of work to get all the changes so smooth. Great :star_struck:.
Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

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So that might explain what I was remembering Rogier… and it’s good to have some reassurance that I wasn’t hallucinating :rofl:

Thanks @NicoleKKB … glad you enjoyed it.
I originally tried this song back when I really hated barre chords. So I think I remember the Bm, Cm chords being my biggest hassle when I was learning this one at the time. But after that, just by repeatedly playing along with the song or tutorial it just sort of forces you to fill in the rest of the gaps the more times that you play it.

Funnily enough, while recording this video last week, I noticed that my least smoothest chord transition was to the relatively easier G7… probably because I rarely use that chord outside of this song. So I guess repetition is the key factor :slight_smile:

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I can so much relate to this. G7 is a sweet sounding, but stretchy chord. When practicing changes to G7 / playing songs with it regularly, it’s fine. But don’t dare to neglect it for a while :sweat_smile:.

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Sounded pro to me. Really good accuracy, especially in regards to your fret hand placement. Why not start singing?! :blush:

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Great job Sandro. It doesn’t look like an easy one to play but you made it look very easy.

Yeah, come on man, give us a couple of verses. :smiley:

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@browan377 @SgtColon thanks for the kind comments Benji and Stefan.

Because the cringe factor would be way too strong haha

Can’t really carry a tune, but maybe I’ll post something up for a laugh later down the track.

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Well played. The D you 0layed worked fine. :clap:

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This is very nicely played Sandro :raised_hands::star_struck:
The only thing I noticed is pinky and ring finger collapsing down on G, as others have pointed out…it used to happen to me all the time and get me a bit crazy, but with practice and time things got slowly better and now I can curle the fingers more appropriately. Good job on the song, bravo :blush:

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Thanks @RonG and @SILVIA .
Silvia I’ve been trying to force myself to curl them on G’s since the feedback a few days ago, but it kind of takes my brain a split second to tell those fingers not to collapse/hyperextend. So I’ll keep practicing it though to hopefully drill it into muscle memory :smiley:

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Whenever I see you playing what always amazes me is this casual precision and ease of play. I guess I will need a couple of thousands hours of practice more to get close :sweat_smile:.

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Hi again @RadekSiechowicz . thanks for your nice comments man

Maybe my obsession during the original covid forced lockdowns makes it appear casual these days… Or maybe because now I mainly sort of choose stuff that I enjoy rather than feeling like a chore? I dunno :slight_smile:

Nah man, your classical challenge series is great and seems very relaxed :+1:

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So do I, the difference is you can do it really well, all my favorite songs I started working on are still work in progress after 2/3 years.

That’s very kind, thank you. I picked this classical songs to propel me forward by enforcing habits/techniques, my musical interests are mainly elsewhere.

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Liked that a lot Sandro! Well played!
(Thought you had the vocals the first few seconds there, was absolutly shocked! :rofl::rofl::rofl:)

Great job!!!

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