Dro_1 - October 2022 - My Happiness (Powderfinger) + Wonderful Tonight

I’m still toying around with jammin’ to backing/vocal tracks - so hopefully the more that I keep doing it, the more it helps me with the timing and consistency of my strumming and rthythm in general.

This song is a classic tune from Aussie band Powderfinger. It came out when I was still in school and was a big hit for them over here. Not too sure if it became known internationally though, so most of you might be unfamiliar with it.
It mainly consists of basic open chords and also the F - but I still managed a couple of messy chord changes in some spots.

Any feedback or comments are always welcome… and please excuse the ‘resting psycho face’ vibe that I’m giving off throughout this one :rofl: Cheers

P.S. the mic on my phone is pretty useless at picking up audio even at a tiny distance away. So if you turn up your volume to listen to my stuff, then don’t forget to turn it back down at the end to avoid a jumpscare on the next song that you play :exploding_head:


Wonderful Tonight


Came here thinking that My Happiness was a band I’d never heard of and looked forward to your rendition of their cover of Neil Youngs classic Powderfinger :rofl:

Of course that is only something a Neil Young fan from South Africa would think, never having heard of the Australian band Powderfinger.

Still the ‘disappointment’ was brief as the song sounds great and your playing over it was most enjoyable. Well done on the over-dubbed licks and riffs.

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I love Powderfinger. This one and Sunsets would be my favourite songs of theirs.

Have you tried a pick Sandro?

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Great stuff there Sandro, foot tapping from the beginning for me there. Playing looking and sounding absolutely spot on and nice mixing in the solo work on the popout window.
I wouldn’t class the expression as “resting psycho face”, more “moody and mysterious” :wink:

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Nice job Sandro. I backpacked around Australia in 98/99 and discovered powderfinger. They had some great songs back then. It’s also worth checking out some of Bernard Fanning’s acoustic works as they would really suit you.
Very Enjoyable listen Sandro and keep it up!

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Hi Sandro

Looked at the title, looked at the band name couldn’t work out which was which but hey once you started I recognised it from somewhere and thought you did a darn fine job, pretty solid throughout. Well done.



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Pretty sure they’re named after the Neil Young song.

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Nice work Sandro! You’ve got those chord changes nailed and liked seeing the lead melodies thrown in there too, well done! :smiley:
That song was huge for Powderfinger here in NZ too, got heaps of radio play back when it came out (still does in fact!).
Keep up the great work! :star_struck:

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@DavidP thanks david. As JK mentioned, apparently they got their band name from Neil Young’s song… so you weren’t too far off in that regard haha

@jkahn When I first started out I think I only lasted about a month using a pick without much progress. I then randomly decided to try strumming with the hand for a little while to see if it helped me learn other parts a bit better. I was able to focus more on chord changes and strum patterns without worrying about the pick. So I suppose I’ve just stuck with hand strumming ever since.

@Notter thanks Mark, glad you enjoyed it. “moody and mysterious” sounds much better… I’ll take that over my own description of psycho.

@Eddie_09 cheers Eddie. I vaguely remember a couple of Bernard fanning’s songs from his first solo album. But I’ll definitely have to refresh my memory and check out some of his other solo work.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner thanks Toby. Yeah, I wasn’t sure if many on here would know it, but glad you liked it. cheers

@nzmetal Thanks for the kind words mate. Nice to hear that this one was/is big across the ditch. So I guess it was known internationally after all :slight_smile:


I reckon it might be time to give a pick a go again :grinning:. When listening to this one I couldn’t help but think “I wonder what it would sound like with a pick” :wink:

No idea what they’re like with nylon strings though.

It would destroy them, either a Leather or Felt pick is ok.

Hi Sandro, not a band or song I’m familiar with but found it a welcome first listen. You’re playing was most enjoyable and this performance to me really suited the backing track. Good job mate.

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Another great posting Sandro. I’m not familiar with this song but I thought your playing was great, as always.

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Hey guys.
I was a bit lazy over the last month and haven’t been playing much during that period.
It’s been a while since I’ve had anything to post, so I had some time on the weekend and decided to try out this song with a vocal track that I found.
The track had a loudish drum beat that I sort of tried to tune down, which may have possibly distorted the overall sync a bit :roll_eyes:
The picking pattern that is used for the majority of the song is essentially the same one that Justin teaches in his tutorial if anybody is interested in giving it a go.
Feel free to drop some comments or feedback. Cheers

P.S. For comparison, here’s an old video that I did of this song. W.T. - Guitar practice, old recordings - YouTube
It’s just the guitar without any tracks added… not much difference to the picking, but a slightly quicker tempo when looking back at it now.


That was great - very enjoyable Sandro!

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Thanks Phil

Hello Sandro, this was wonderful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
I love the song and I love the way you played it :hugs:. Very steady fingerpicking, very enjoyable playing :smiley::+1::clap:.

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Very nice Sandro. Really smooth playing and a lovely sound. Great job and a really good listen!

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Hi Sandro,
That was wonderful this afternoon, :sunglasses: :clap:…can’t remember Justin learning those melody notes, I’m going to look that up and try to apply it too,…very nice,…the backing track could indeed be a bit better…
Good you are back,…

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Lovely playing there Sandro, some really intricate little details in there, thanks for sharing and updating us with how you’re doing. It may seem a little harsh to say it as I enjoyed it so much but it seemed you fell a little behind the backing track in spots? Not that it took away anything imo!
Bravo :+1: :+1:

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