Drum metronome

Does anyone know of a link to a good drum type metronome app that works with Windows OS. I find time keeping so much easier with a good drum and cymbals rather than a boring click, click. It feels like you are actually playing music!
The TapTempo app is good but only works for Apple OS

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Hi Steve ,
If you enter your questions at the top right of the search window, you will often come up with many solutions that have already been given, have fun with it :sunglasses:
Or is this something different you are looking for?
Hope this helps


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I will just post this here:

It is a web page, works well on PC, mobile phone or tablet… I use this a lot, rearly use classic metronome at all…

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Screenshot_20240416-185812_One UI Home

This one works great on my android smartphone, I don’t know if it works on PC as well.

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I like Hydrogen Drum machine…

Works for Linux, Windows, or Mac. I use it on Linux


Many thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to my drum metronome post. I’m sure I will find something suitable now.


Thanks all. In the end I spent £2.99 on a windows app called Drumbeats Metronome. It works off line, is very simple to use and sounds like real drums and cymbals. Recommended