Drummer humor😂Ringo Starr

About once a month I still laugh at this after a long time…

And of course a great song :sunglasses:


Edit: @brianlarsen ,Look a tag from me :sunglasses:, that’s it this month (onee I’m talking directly to you now and then that doesn’t count of course)…I know you don’t like to practice a song again you’ve played and you you must have listened to Justin’s nice suggestion (I hope), but what do you think of this version? nice enough to start practicing with it again? I really like the videos of this movement, although they often distract me while playing along…so much to see :smiley:
I hope you give it another spin :sunglasses:


Simply lovely!

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Haha, I actually still follow a lot of what folks share, Rogier, even if I’m not commenting as much :wink: and yes I did see this. Someone shared it last year (you?) and indeed it is a great song and interesting project. I’m not sure I’d agree about humor and making me laugh, but it does make me smile :slightly_smiling_face:
Of course one day I will do it again. And better than the last time too.
Indeed your ‘straight feedback’ confirmed my decision to try to learn a bit more! So thank you again for that, but I still haven’t quite finished the REM song to my basic acceptable standards yet, so don’t hold your breath.
Cheers, B

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Roger, so cool! One of my all time favorite songs. Thanks for sharing, this is definitely a keeper!!

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Oke thats good you follow the topics

Absolutely impossible…not one still… because I already did some jokes to(?) Toby about this kind of things and that’s not going to happen to me…(ooo so scared now, don’t let anyone look and if so don’t call Toby)…
I don’t understand the demented, but which key do I have to laugh at right now… glad that I have been of significance in this area, sometimes clarity is better :sweat_smile:

Then I would have died by now :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :stopwatch:…but it’s nice for the readers to know that patience is a virtue…
And when it comes to comment to “taking your time”, I have absolutely no right to speak… :blush:
Greetings,and have a lot of fun with practice :sunglasses:

Very “Smile Worthy”!!!

Can’t say I laugh, although hearing Ringo almost always makes me raise an eyebrow… :face_with_monocle:

I saw him speaking on a video a couple of years ago & what came to mind was “Wow, that guy must have dropped a LOT of acid back in the day!!!” He didn’t then & doesn’t now make a whole lot of sense to me…

I enjoy this one too!


But thanks for the post, it was a really enjoyable listen!


P.S. The link isn’t clickable but you can copy & paste it in your browser - It’s Jack Johnson & others in an Otis Redding Tribute of Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay