Eccleshall January Payday by Roger Wilson, Follow the Heron

I guess lots of us are going to hit the ground running with good intentions this January. I’m really going to give it my best shot this year, so I’m very grateful for the great community here to share the journey with.
( hope I’ve finally got the tag thing right…)
here’s my second song for this month:
Payday by Roger Wilson, an up-beat neglected classic from 1994, a protest song about aspects of the Criminal Justice Act from the point of view of someone heading out to a rave… Mind you, I had no idea that was the case until very recently (I thought it was an old American star-crossed lovers type thing) when came across a comment by Roger himself.

This is Follow the Heron, my arrangement of the Scottish songwriter Karine Polwart’s signature song, recorded today.


That was just beautiful, Ruaridh! :clap:

Delicate playing, vocals top notch as usual. Haven’t heard this song in ages, so this was a real treat for me. Your performance was so touching, there might was a little happy tear showing up at the edge of my eye. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for that one!

Thanks Lisa, glad you like it. Karine is a great songwriter, very happy that someone else here on the site has heard of her!

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Beuatiful Ruaridh!

Really nice song, never heard of Karine Polwarth before, but man you made it sound great!! :raised_hands:t2:

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Thanks Trond,
I love it that here on the site we all do such a different range of styles

I 100% agree!!
Its superfun to see someone do a classical piece on a nylon, not many… but there is a few. And up to those that shreds on electrical. I love that it is room for everyone!

I enjoyed that! Well played, sung and good balance between both vox and guitar.
All the best in24’!

Absolutely beautiful performance!

I love this song! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And another beautiful performance. It feels like you’re enjoying playing it too :smiling_face:
Thank you for sharing :sunflower:

Thanks @Avalon426 @twistor59 @LBro
Much appreciated,
I’m trying really hard at the moment to get my performance standard up a gear.
Glad the guitar isn’t too quiet on this one - picking with fingers needs all the volume it can, so getting the mic placement Ok to capture both at a decent level is a challenge.
I’m using a single mic on purpose so as to capture ( and practice for !) the performance in the room, rather than mixing two channels

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Another lovely song from you Ruaridh. Great performance, thank you for sharing.

That was a lovely version of the song Ruaridh.
I like your style of ‘capture in the room’
Well done.

@JohnnyW @sairfingers
I’ve enjoyed working out a version of this one. I reckon in a couple of months I’ll have another go at it, and see if I can take it further…

Flawless and moving. Next level stuff. I was looking for a single word to sum it up and came away with “wistful.” Well done, sir!

Thanks for the very kind comment, glad you enjoyed it :blush:

Payday by Roger Wilson
A neglected up-beat classic by Roger Wilson from Leicester, it’s a protest song from 1994


Loved both of these songs: well sung and well played. Your cover of the Karine Polwart song particularly fine combination fo voice and guitar. You may like - may already know - Katherine Priddy.


Thanks for that Brian, I spent quite a while getting my own arrangement together for Follow the Heron.
I do know Katherine Priddy’s songs, I think when she got the support slot on Richard Thompson’s tour it really put her on the map. The folky acoustic world is what I listen to mostly.
Of the younger singer songwriters in that field coming through my favourite however is definitely Katie Spencer - do take a look

Nice job,
Good fingerwork, play and the vox fits well.

I noticed the 2 recordings I listened to ewre about -7 and -11dB under what YouTube allows. You are robbing yourself of impact up at YT due to that. Though I did find the mix pretty well balance between guitar and vox. I imagine you spent some time with mic placement!

All the best,

That’s useful to know. Where would I increase the level? The gain on the mic was nearly peaking on the headphones attached to the interface, so I didn’t think I had any headroom