Eduards learning log

Started last week with Grade one, and I am now learning the things up till grade 7. The only chord I cannot get clear is the C chord. The nut of my guitar is 42 mm, all other chords I get correct, switching between the D, E , Em, Dm, A, G is not a problem but that C chord is for me not the easiest. Help needed. I know I can skip the high C note and only use 2 fingers or a bar chord but I want to play the open Chord. Must say I have not played the guitar for over 50 years.

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Hello, the C chord is trickier than it looks!! Just persevere, you’ll find your way to it. I remember I used to play it with little finger glued up to ring finger…it took me ages to train little finger to stay down. Practice slow and try to get it right and repetition repetition repetition as you probably already know. Sometimes it’s a bit frustrating when results are so hard to achieve, sometimes it takes longer than you wish…but yes you need the open C chord and it’ll be very rewarding when you’ll nail it eventually.

Thank you. It is frustrating but, indeed, repetition, practice fingerstrength and playing lots of songs with a C chord.

Hi @eduard09 , you are not alone in struggling with the C chord. You might want to check out this thread: The C Chord where there is lots of discussion, photos, etc.

Returning to the guitar after a long hiatus is admirable! Good luck on your journey in rediscovering your long lost hobby.


practice is the only way to improve

first by training on changing chords
second , by trying to play songs with a C chord in it

When I first tried to play a song with a C chord it was horrible
you just have to keep trying and one day , you’ll get it

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