Eleanor Rigby - Very Basic

SInce my first beginner video, I have been spending my time refreshing Justin’s Grade 1 lessons. There was quite a bit that I skipped over previously apparently. So it has been worthwhile. I have also been playing around with recording myself, getting used to technology and watching myself. It is very eye opening, things that sound good live have significant places for improvement when watching back. Anyway I found some USB Singstar Microphones from my playstation. I found I could set them up on my PC. Here was my latest attempt, it wasn’t going too badly until right at the end, but I decided to post anyway. Also working on Boulevard of Broken Dreams, not got a video that I want to share yet. I look forward to your comments.

Eleanor Rigby


Think that sounded very good Phil.

Nice and consistent strumming with crisp and nice sounding chords.

Keep up the good work and keep on rockin :metal:

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Congrats and kudos for your first recording and avoyp share Phil.
You have the mechanics coming along - strumming and changes.
Something needs putting right however.
Going back is a good approach and might I suggest you do the same on Justin’s lesson for this song.
You are missing your place on the chord changes when they go between Em and C.
Those chords do not get held for the regular count ofv4 at that place in the song and you are moving chords in the wrong place.
Good work on the Em7 to Em6 to Em#5 melidic line your little finger is doing goid work there.


Well done on the recording, Phil. Lots to like.

I also felt something wasn’t quite right. I suggest you play along with Justin, even slowing his lesson video down until you have the changes sorted out.

The other thing I noticed was a slight pause at the bottom of each strum in the verses. Looked better during the ‘all the lonely people’ part.

Keep doing what you’re doing and look forward to your next share.

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Lots to like, not perfect but you kept going. That is important.

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Hi Phil,

Nice chords and timing - vital for the guitar journey.

A strong building block to start adding in some variations on the strumming, or perhaps throw in some finger picking?


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That was great Phil you did it justice! Even if it was basic it was still fun :slight_smile:

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Congrats on your first AVOYP posting Phil and what a treat it was. Steady rhythm and nice, clean changes.

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Well done Phil, sounding good and well done for getting a video posted up. Clean changes and like the walkdown to your Em chord, very nice!
Looking forward to more from you :+1:

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I like the shirt and the timing on the strumming! Good job and keep it going forward!

Rock’n good times ahead!

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Congratulations on your first AVoYP. I thought the chords and strumming were pretty good fro where you are, keep it up.

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Nice and steady Phil, good job.

Have a look at your little finger on the fretting hand. You’ll need that curled in and ready to play a string later in the course, so if you can relax it into a soft curl that would be a good thing to change right now. It’s hard unlearning bad habits.


Thank you all for your replies, support and advice, I have seen people doing these fancy replies to multiple people and have been trying to figure out how to do it. I don’t think I have figured it our properly but this is an attempt. I tried to hit reply and it says I can only mention 10 people in a post. so had to edit, so much for trying to be fancy.
@GeoffMolyneux @adi_mrok @SgtColon @Notter @skinnyt Thanks.
@Digger72 fingerpicking is something I have dabbled with but feel is a bit too advanced for me, so I have shelved it for a while.
@Richard_close2u I was aware of the chord change timing being a bit off, never seemed to be able to make it sound right, going back is a great suggestion and @DavidP I would never have thought to slow the lesson down, even though I know how to slow songs down Duh! That’s what I love about this place, so much to learn.
@LBro shirt was from She who must be obeyed on my retirement.
@batwoman That is my British Tea drinking finger that seems conditioned to stick out.
I tried Justins’ lesson on fly away fingers over a year ago and it was really difficult. I may go back and review again. Given everything else I was trying to learn at the time I stopped. If I concentrate on my finger I can curl it now Yay! but as soon as I relax my glare at it, it sticks out.

Thanks again for helping me on this journey.

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How very proper. The Queen would be impressed at such a class act Phil :laughing:

Hey man! Great job for a beginner! Keep it going and you will get there as I always say! Nice consistent strumming! Cheers!