Electric Greensleeves

I’ve been working my way through Grade 3, and learned Justin’s arrangement of Greensleeves as part of Module 16. Grade 3 so far feels full of a lot of really different stuff which feels like it will take a while to master. Greensleeves uses rolling chords, which I found super hard, and there’s a lot more to remember with a melody arrangement than a lot of rock songs… but hey, I figure if Justin says do it, then do it. It’s usually beneficial in the long run.

Can’t remember how I got onto this one, but one day I ended up playing Greensleeves on my electric, and using a setting on the amp called Ambient Wash which is basically loads of different reverb stacked on top of each other. I thought it sounded pretty cool. Even a bit of whammy for @brianlarsen at the end :smile:.

Took me a while to get around to recording it - the last month has been hectic with work, flu, renovations finishing and all sorts. But here it is! Oh, and there’s an acoustic version in there too. Trying real hard not to point out all the flaws in the intro :rofl:. Both electric & acoustic were recorded via my GTX50 line-out into Scarlett 2i2, I used a Deluxe Reverb model for the acoustic.

Enjoy, feedback of all sorts (positive and constructive criticism) welcome!


Love it, I kinda skipped this lesson mostly I should go back I think it would help the fingerpicking.

Great sound and a bit trippy with the electric!

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Quite liked the electric version, a very nice spatial sound!
The acoustic version was good, not much to be picky about; however in both versions there were occasionally problems with dynamics but this is something that comes with time and practice, listen to Justin playing it and try to get the dynamics as near as you can to his. I would recommend doing it in chunks of logical size - listen to it and try to recognise where the best place to split it up are.

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Hi JK. I wonder what Henry VIII would have made of your electric version. Very unusual, but I thought it sounded great. The acoustic version was more traditional and I thought it actually sounded quite ‘Tudorish’ with the fx you put on it. Well done, I enjoyed that.

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Cool share, JK. Making good progress with the techniques and getting the song under the fingers. The electric had a lovely late 60s hippy trippy vibe and the reverb on the acoustic worked well. Lots to be learned, keep on keeping on.

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Hi JK,

About that first part … I’ll come back to that, I’m going to try that again tonight and tomorrow morning. :upside_down_face:
I already think the acoustic version is a very pleasant performance :sunglasses: :clap:, …but when or if you keep doing your best for a while (and I think you will soon) it will become total really cool that you will really score with at parties…
So,…so I think thanks for sharing,…but I’ll come back to it later… :thinking::joy:
Greetings …

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I really liked the electric version, is that a Justin lesson? The acoustic version I liked but felt some of the notes need to flow into each other a little more smoothly, might just be the nature of the song though & my taste.

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Glad you enjoyed it Rob. It’s worth learning, for me it was a grind, a couple of bars at a time.

Thanks for the listen Darrell. Yep I noticed the dynamics in Justin’s one, I’m getting there (slowly) with trying to add dynamics but often I’m just trying not to make a mistake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Well I hope Henry the VIII would have enjoyed it and given me some kind of honorary knighthood and a great feast :rofl:.

That’s what I was going to David, that late 60s hippy vibe. In a “smokey” room…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Dude I’m married! This must be a translation thing :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:. Thanks for checking it out Roger!

The acoustic one is a Justin lesson in Grade 3 (I linked it above), the electric is just my adaptation of it. Same chords and notes but some minor fingering changes in a couple of spots to suit a pick. It’s a traditional folk song from the 1500s. TBH my recording of the acoustic one wasn’t my best work but you know how it goes, play a song every day and it’s mostly fine then hit record and … I’m not sure if it’s that the mistakes happen normally when playing but I don’t notice, or the record button changes my playing. At least this one didn’t flow as well as it should have.


Nice to see you around JK, I’ve missed you. Hope you are well again and got things sorted. Good to see you exploring the fx and sounds you can get from both guitars in your smokey room :grin: You’re steadily acquiring skills and good technique and there’s a lot to like here.

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Dug the electric version, nice vibe and judicious use of the wiggle stick. Fully enjoyable, sir.

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Thanks Maggie, it’s good to be around and recording again, just went through a bit where I still read a little of the community stuff and practiced but couldn’t keep up with everything and record. I reckon just one recording a month is probably more realistic!

Glad you enjoyed Clint!


That was great JKz I really enjoyed electric you really picked up a great tone for this piece! Also it helped a lot with hiding any hickups while rolling chords so that’s a bonus :sweat_smile:

I struggle with rolling chords too, neglected for now those ones but will definitely pick it up someday, escpecially while playing Greensleeves! I know this piece for probably over 15 years now as when my brother was very young and he was learning classical guitar his teacher was teaching him this song and it really played right notes in my head and I still love it.

All the best JK and definitely keep playing this one would love to see you in some time updating your progress to see how did you get on with it :wink:

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Great playing and great share JK. I liked that you included both versions for a comparison. They were both nicely done, but acoustic stuff is where it’s at for me at this stage :slight_smile:
I haven’t looked up what rolling chords are yet, so this one might go into my “check-out-later” list.

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Hi JK,
:joy: :joy:
With us here, “scoring” certainly has the same intention, so I had to think about that when typing … but of course it also has the meaning of “scoring points” or getting appreciation … but you already knew that. :upside_down_face:…(and by the way…artists certainly don’t have the best track record when it comes to marital fidelity later in their careers :woozy_face: soo )

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So, and that’s the one I’d come back to…Hold on,…Your music makes me a little sick :flushed:
That doesn’t sound very nice, does it… :joy:
The strange thing is that that enormous overload of reverb is really way too much of a good thing for me,…and I literally don’t feel good about it…this is now the 2nd time, the first time was then I went to try out my new Vox amplifier and arrived at the buttons of the tremolo…if I open it a little too far, the same thing happens…many moons ago on vacation I often got the same thing in the sea when some motorboats passed by ,that went from the neck to my head,with tis it go`s from side head inwards(A little simplified explained)…I have only recently understood what is happening.
Well I am sometimes a bit :upside_down_face:, but certainly not exceptional, … :innocent:

That was a nice bit of playing JK and I thought it sounded better on the electric. I think had it been a classical over a steel, then that would have sounded better.

Now, time to sing along? :smiley:

Alas my love you do me wrong
To cast me off discourteously;
And I have loved you oh so long
Delighting in your company.
Greensleeves was my delight,
Greensleeves my heart of gold
Greensleeves was my heart of joy

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Greensleeves has WORDS?!?! What is this devilry :joy::joy::joy:???

I thought it was just the background music when entering a tavern playing RPG video games…


Oh yes, it has words. That is just a small part of the lyrics. You can thank Henry VIII for that. Kind of sums him up as king really :rofl:


A bit late to Henry VIII’s party. That was great playing JK. You’re coming along really well mate. The electric version was most enjoyable.

I can’t wait now for the day you learn it Stefan :wink: maybe Brian will let you borrow his dress for the occasion :smiley:


And it was one of those songs we had to sing when in primary school, as I recall. Here’s a version: Greensleeves - Celtic Ladies - YouTube

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