Electric guitar is very heavy need to secure the band

OK this electric guitar is very heavy . I am new with this weight . How you guys secure the Strap so it does not come out and fall down ? :slight_smile:

You’ll be needing strap locks Tom, basically a pair of thick-ish rubber washers that go over the strap buttons when your strap is on. Should be able to find them easily enough online.

Thanks I already have this one. Will this be enough?

Yes just one needed on each strap pin. Looks like you are good to go. :sunglasses:

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Yep, that’s what I have. Whilst I’ve never tried to swing my guitar around my neck with them the strap’s not budged! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Excellent. I am safe. Man these electric guitars are very heavy :frowning:

What have you got ?

Yamaha RSS02T

Suspect its just as heavy as an LP. Try before you buy, springs to mind. Just don’t break it. Get them strap locks on asap. :sunglasses:

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Agree try before you buy OR get one you can return. Compared to an acoustic they are heavy.

In terms of strap locks I use Dunlop locking ones.

After seeing the pictures of Toby’s misfortunes I’ve got S Locks fitted on my electric and acoustics.

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S locks ? drilling my guitar ? No that is not my option I am not good with that.
What is Toby’s misfortune?

The specs mention “internal acoustic design chambers that lighten weight” though. But strap locks are always a good idea, especially if you move around a lot while playing. A luthier can do the drilling if you’re not comfortable with that.

I’ve got ones like this on my Epiphone Les Paul (it’s on the heavy end of the spectrum) and they work fine: Stagg SSL1 CR Strap Locks

Strap locks …

And …

Wide strap. You can get some wide ones that are a little elasticated for heavy guitars too.

This is the short verion, the rest is in my Learning Log Roadcase. :sob: :scream: :sunglasses:

S Locks = Straplocks. Who mentioned drills ?

Get out the tissues for this one peeps. There was a separate thread that led to this but for all newbies reading this, get STRAPLOCKS and get them now !!

April 26, 2021, 10:41:30 pm
Well as promised the much needed update to this Roadcase.

So some of you may recall back in January, after a wonderful 2 years together, my beloved Wine Red LP Studio aka Cherry had what I thought to be a fatal accident and with all the restrictions and limitations arising from the Covid pandemic, was pretty much consigned to history.

As the Red Queen said “Off with their heads”

On that day the world fell out of my bottom, or so it felt. But every cloud has at least one silver lining.

Oh dear

This quote comes to mind as well.

Off with his head” is a quote used by William Shakespeare in his history play, Henry VI, Part III and in Richard III . The quote is short but has become synonymous with royal executions and what can happen when one attempts to overthrow a monarch in similar fiction.

The king is dead long live the king or something like that!!!

Did you replace it?

Well I’ll say no more but if you want a bed time story its all in the LL. I quoted the Red Queen as I’d not long covered White Rabbit. :sunglasses:


Schaller Strap Locks. I got them fitted by the guitar company as part of the quality check and setup. No drilling was required. If for example the guitar did need to be drilled then they would advise so as it would be considered a modification and the guitar would become non returnable. One of the best decision I’ve made having them fitted. Easy to interchange straps and peace of mind guitars are secure.

LPs and broken head stocks, apparently sound better once fixed… Good work on the relicing


Great read

As I said “the king is dead long live the king” what I didn’t realise it was the same king!!


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