Epic guitar solos

There are tons and tons of great guitar solos out there.
Thought i wanted to make a thread for it.

So. Is it possible to rank the best or the most epic solo ever played?
I dont think so, and ranking is not the point with this thread.
But there is some things that can be said is more epic than other.

Is my contribution an Epic solo? Oh yeah… the most epic? Impossible to say… but this is the one that surprised me the most. I was shocked.

It is Prince doing while my guitar gently weeps on a George Harrison tribute in 2004
I had absolutly no idea that he was such a guitar master. ( maybe obvious to everybody else, i did not have a clue, and it is a shame i did not know this when he was alive)
Loads of great players have done this, none have given me that kind of chills.

Starts about 3:30 into the song… it is well worth watching it from the start :grin:


O Trond o Trond …luckely never to late to learn this stuff
Prince is seen by many as the greatest and certainly one of the greatest musical geniuses and can do a lot of things very, very ridiculously well … but this version also really surprised me too and I had posted it when looking for a play along (well not the solo :laughing: ) … .and I’m not going to start even thinking about posting very good solos, if I start doing that I’ll end up in a rabbit hole that I’ll sink into for days :see_no_evil: …but I’ll definitely listen to what others come up with :sunglasses:


The man could put on a show for sure, looks cool doing it and has the chops to back it up.


@roger_holland i knew he was really good at a looot of instruments, i also knew he was a decent guitar player. But at this level shocked me the first time i saw it.
Yep. This is a rabbit hole.
I do expect a lot of the usual suspects though, but i am curious what Brian will come up with :rofl:


oh yeah… amazing :sunglasses:
gotta say I was a massive Prince fan since I was a kid.
The man was talented and brilliant, so cool, and unapologetically his own individual self :grin:

I’ll have to get back to you with a guitar solo though, there isn’t just one that jumps out for me right now. But also curious and love to listen to what others share too.
(gotta re-watch that one now though :D)

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Yep. I watch this recording about once a month… and have done that for a couple of years now. It still gives me goosebumps. I was never a huge Prince fan before i saw this. Something that im not very proud of.

Please come back with an solo Jasmine :grin::+1:

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So many great choices, but a short one that gets me every time is George Harrison’s album version of Let it Be. Solo starts at 1.57.


Awsome! :heart_eyes:

Interesting topic, Trond, sure to generate lots of opinions as it is totally a matter of taste.

Whenever I think solos, often the first that comes to mind is Keith Richards in Sympathy for the Devil. I like the studio album version and all the other versions played live (he tends to play different solos live, which I think is how it should be).

Then you can dip into the Deep Purple catalog, Richie Blackmore has played some incredible solos, both hard rockers and sometimes on ballads.

The bluesman can also move one playing solos, BB King, Hubert Sumlin, Robert Cray, SRV, Hendrix (especially playing the blues)

Oh and if you want Brian to participate, best to tag him in @brianlarsen :wink:


Hehehehe… i dont tag Brian just to pull his leg :rofl: he usually gets very cranky at me and @roger_holland when he is not tagged correctly :rofl:

Yeah. Ok. You put out a lot there David.
But Sympathy for the devil with Keef is a great choise!!


I don’t think any video links exist but here is a spotify link

This is the guitar solo that pops into my head whenever great solo topic comes up.

Another impressive solo by Duane Allman is the version of Hey Jude he talked Wilson Pickett into doing

The above spotify track of Hey Jude cuts out most of the blazing solo. Probably to get it down to the then current time limits for radio. To hear the entire solo you may need to find a copy of the Duane Allman Anthology album, documenting Duane’s brief tenure as a session guitarist at Muscle Shoals, predating the Allman Bros. Band

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I don’t know if it qualifies as “epic,” but in a song with much fun guitar, Ronnie Wood’s simple, soulful solo at minute 3:00 of Maggie May has been popping into my head regularly since I first bought the Every Picture Tells a Story cassette tape* in 1973.

*Google it youngsters.


:rabbit: :hole: TRond WHAT HAVE YOU DONE :scream:
Too many years on this earth, so many incredible solo ! Where do I start ?
I may be some time.


To avoid spamming the thread with videos I’m just going to list the first few that come to mind.

The 2nd solo in Comfortably Numb
The opening solo to Cliffs of Dover
Fleetwood Mac - Big Love
and way more. . .

This one gets a video because it’s possible to argue that this is not strictly a solo. That, and if you haven’t already had your face melted by Matteo Mancuso you are missing out!


Check out this compilation of Sister Rosetta


Wow! She could certaintly play!

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And long before a lot of later guitarists were around.

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Did Prince throw his guitar into the audience at the end? Did somebody get a souvenir?


OK decided on a deep dive of my Robin Trower collection. Only 203 tracks, some repeats but oh so many epic lines. Not sure what will come out on top but suspect a shortlist of 5-10 for starters !


The guitar was caught by his tech guy. He often did the same trick.