Eric Lennon - February 2024 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps + Winds Of Change + Romanza

So started off playing this acoustically based on Justin’s Beatles Lesson. Then decided to make it a version with vocals. Then decided I would use this to finally do another AVOYP , then I decided I liked the Jeff Healey version and ended up with this. You will see a discontinuity in the lead play about halfway through , someone opened the door and I had to restart :blush: Sorry for rough sound, no post production are adjustments made , both guitar parts through my kemper into DAW, vocals straight into DAW through my DI. Backing track is only drums and bass, I did have a click in my ear for the rhythm part. I underestimated the outro section length and ended up having to improvise way longer than I was prepared for :stuck_out_tongue: Promised myself I would use AVOYP more frequently in 2024 to help my progress/motivation but it took to February to do the first one so we will see.



Eric, are you sure you shared the correct link? :slightly_smiling_face: I think that’s what Rogier intended to imply with his doggy picture. :dog:

The link doesn’t work for me at least…

Well my inexperience with AVOYP is ever more evident than my inexperience as a guitarist it seems. I have changed the link so I hope it is good now.

I hope i got the posting sorted now as I have started working on another today while I have the will to do it. :wink:

Yes, works now :grinning:

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Hi Eric,
The dog put the plug back in :sweat_smile:

So great that you managed to make a double video of it :clap: :sunglasses: :man_bowing:… really enjoyed it, there were also some wonderfully fast pieces that where great :sunglasses: :clap:

Ontzettend bedankt !

This is a cool video! :sunglasses:

I love the video. Looks as if you had a twin and you two would be playing together :slightly_smiling_face: I’m lacking the knowledge to give you any useful advice.

Thus, since I enjoyed this so much and will no listen to your song for the fourth time… I will only say:

More more more :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Nice one Eric. The outro didn’t feel that long to me because you kept the lead parts interesting. Don’t be scared to incorporate a few more rests though. It might seem like an eternity to you but it’s not that long to an audience.

What stood out to me was the intensity build up towards the turnarounds and the change when the song modulates from minor to major. Good stuff!

There were a couple of sour notes but you managed to quickly get back on the right track (e.g. at 3:22). It didn’t seem to throw you off, that’s a real asset. People who are not critical listeners like us probably wouldn’t have noticed.

You might want to change the song title to WMGGW. Unless you can make a mandolin weep too, in that case keep it. :wink:

Hi Jeff, thanks for the listen and critique, very helpful. I agree I got a bit too focused on just playing in the outro rather than thinking melodically, the original also has a very intense outro so I think that also kind of influenced me to go at it, that is my justification :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. There are indeed a few sour notes which in the past would have thrown me off so i was happy to push through as I decided before playing i was not going to do multiple takes. I do clearly remember the one you mention as I was coming out of the climb up and played the F# instead of G and I was thinking what a plonker, I tried to swiftly get to the G but the F# was out there already for all to hear :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for pointing out the title issue, I dont fancy redoing this with a mandolin

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Great, I really liked this. As @JokuMuu said, i can’t give any advice as I am stiil much too new at this, but it was cool.

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Great rendition, Eric! :clap:

At the first glance, I thought “Oh great, he has a jam buddy”… before I realised it was you. I need new glasses I guess. :nerd_face: :joy: So, cool effect with you being in separate places in the room to bring both videos together.

I liked the impro at the end. As this and production skills are beyond my playgrade, I can’t offer any substantial feedback. I just enjoyed the listen a lot! :slight_smile:

That was a nifty bit of video work Eric. I enjoyed both the rhythm and the lead/impro play. Some great guitar work from both of you. :grinning:
My comment would be that you and your twin weren’t ‘tight and in the pocket’. I realise a load of work has gone into this production and in your intro post you mention a few difficulties.
A bit more work on the timing and you’ll have a production that’ll knock anyone’s socks off!
Super stuff and I look forward to the next offering from the Lennon twins.


Hey Lisa, thanks for the listen, I had to smile at your comment, “Oh great , he has a jam buddy”. Sadly no, just the old grumpy guy that shares my room. :slightly_smiling_face: To be honest the hardest bit was remembering to stand in the correct space for the video effect to work. Happy to hear the improv did not cause you any lasting harm :slightly_smiling_face:. It was stupid of me to never play the outro right though to the end before this recording, it was really good luck that I got to that A note right on the last bar.

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Cheers Gordon spot on about not being tight. To be honest part of the reason for doing this was to get those type of issues identified as things to improve on. I did find the getting the vocal and guitars tight with the backing quite a challenge , something I never really thought about too much when doing acoustic OMs. The setting up of video and backing tracks and remembering the songs was quite an overload for my old brain so i need to do more of these to get better for sure. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds and looks great‼️ Bravo Éric.

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That was very cool, Eric and nice work on the video too. What a great setup you have there as well.

I agree with Gordon but overall it was a great production with some sweet playing in there.

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Hey Eric, super cool video & some really sweet lead playing.

Yep there was something going on with the timing of the rhythm guitar. It wasn’t on time with the drums. I wonder if that was a DAW recording thing - maybe you need to lower your latency a bit or something.

Loved it, glad to see an AVOYP from you!