Eric Lennon - February 2024 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps + Winds Of Change + Romanza

Very nice, Lovely piece.


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Thanks man. I think maybe the latency is in my old head :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t know… I’m pretty sure you can play in time. What’s your focusrite buffer size? I run mine at 64 and that seems to allow me to play along to a BT and record without latency. I know some people run a lot higher

Cheers man. I just finished another video tonight that I was going to post, I did not notice any latency but i should check again. I will try to look closer at my setup, I actually don’t pay much attention to my tech just enough to get me playing. Before I retired I was CTO of a pretty large multinational tech company but you would not know that now :smile:

Preamble - I recently decide to use AVOYP more frequently as part of my learning process. I have looked through quite a view AVOYP to see how others are using it. I saw a wide range of styles and people at different stages in their development. Some great stuff in there , I even found some inspiration for my development .
I did notice a few videos which I would class a virtuoso playing , a relative statement I realise, but I am meaning at a level where I doubt many if any on the forum could offer much other than applause. I am far from being at such a level but this did make me think to check that my how I am using AVOYP does fall within the spirt of the intent of this space.
So my main objectives with AVOYP are

  1. to motivate myself to actually learn pieces through to completion to at least the same level I would at a Justin community OM.
  2. force myself to be more critical of my playing by actually recording it
  3. getting tips , feedback to help me in my development
  4. have some fun.

There are some long term community members that I regard as custodians of the community site, if any of you lovely people think how I am using AVOYP is not consistent with the spirt of intent I would love to hear from you perhaps by DM is best.

Now about this AVOYP. I have always loved this song, I am often drawn to materials which give me a feeling of human optimism which seems for me more harder to find now than ever. I was deterred from trying to perform this song because of the whistle melody which is a skill I doubt I could ever develop. Then I saw a AVOYP post from Silvia @SILVIA where she played the medley simply on guitar. What a great idea ! Thanks Silvia. So here is my attempt. It is done in the spirit of OM performances , no perfection here and no post production except for the inclusion of the 2nd Eric.


Really good job on this I love the Scorpions.

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Oh Eric :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Mate, I can’t offer any technical advice but I certainly have some general feedback… Brilliant :+1:

I love your whole production mate, I thought your guitar work sounded great from where I’m sitting and the whole Eric playing with eric (that’s not meant to be rude :rofl:) is brilliant. I looked hard for the centre line in the video and it was hard to spot. The video was great, I love the backdrop, the whole space and the lighting :clap:

And as I said the two guitar parts were :+1: :+1:

One day when I get that far I’ll be looking to create a similar vibe to this it really works well.

Ok enough praise or you’ll never get out of that door :rofl: Oh, and I was going to mention how many guitars you have :scream: but then I realised that you bought them to decorate the room :rofl:


Using the guitar for the whistle part works really well. Nice job adapting a great song choice!

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I did not miss the whistling either and I think the concept with the two Erics works very well :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s an iconic song that was impossible to escape from when I was a teenager. It was everywhere.

Interestingly, it’s an important and meaningful song even now. Scorpions changed the lyrics in 2022. You can find them by googling :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow Eric, that was most enjoyable to listen to! I love this song and you did it really well. A great production too with your twin playing with you :joy::wink: You have a very beautiful guitar space there :heart_eyes: Thanks a lot for sharing, I’m glad my video gave you the idea to play the melody. I’m learning the muted fingers hit at the moment to use on the chorus of my acoustic arrangement…I need technique to develop it as I would like to. I agree the AVOYP is a great tool for us and I would say you’re using it correctly, it’s up to you how frequently you want to post…for me thinking about making a video to share here in the Community is very motivating to try and work on whole songs which is a bit of a challenge for me.

Really good Eric! I hadn’t heard the song before @SILVIA shared it. Sounds like it was pretty big in some parts of the world based on what other community members share, though.

Pretty awesome how you learned two guitar parts. Great lead playing. Also, I think your new guitar room is looking great. Very medieval :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

I think the way you’re using AVOYP is right IMHO. A Justin learner sharing their videos, and looking for feedback and fun. It’s great to see you sharing.

Don’t be put off by the virtuosos that drop in sometimes, they usually post a video or two then leave as this is a place for learners of all levels sharing rather than people trying to build an audience.


Hi Eric,
That was great and certainly later it took also fantastic great sounds boom together :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: … there were some more timing issues in the beginning, but all in all :man_bowing:, and like before with your videos, I think it’s great what you do with those 2 in one …there will come a time when i :crossed_fingers: …that takes the entertainment values ​​to great heights …

And don’t feel bad if one of the moderators merges your videos from February, the rule is 1 topic per calender month with AVOYP with an unlimited number of videos put in that topic and as long as you help others with occasional advice and/or encouragement, they/we will never stop answering your questions or just clapping…This can all be read in the pinned opening topics of the moderators of this section…
Have fun learning and asking and/or posting AVOYP is the fasted (best) way for many and me :sunglasses:

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Hi Nicole , thanks for the listen. I think this is one of these songs which is quite timeless in the way that John Lennon’s Imagine is timeless mainly because the stupidity of humans seems to be timeless. Thanks again


Great job Eric. This is a song I learned myself recently, as the Jam Group I was in were doing it.

It has some tricky parts in it, which you did a great job on, especially the solo.

It was pretty big, as it was around the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and celebrated the “Perestroika” that was going on in the Soviet Union at the time.

It has renewed meaning more recently: the Moskva, mentioned in the first line and multiple other times during the song, was the flagship of the Russian Black Sea fleet, and a symbol of great pride to the Russians.

The Moskva helped lead the naval assault on Ukraine during the first few months of the Invasion of Ukraine, until the Ukrainians sank it with missiles.

More recently, The Scorpions have changed the lyrics of the song. I’ll leave anyone interested to Google it for themselves as this is already bordering on being political.




That’s what I tried to hint at, talking about the changed lyrics. Thank you for being more courageous than me (the “no politics” rule was ringing in my ears, thus I had remained very vague…) :slightly_smiling_face:

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What wizardry is this?
Not only am I seeing double Erics, but also clones of the very guitars he is playing on the stands behind :open_mouth:
First things first, that was a fine performance by both of you.
Solid lead work and good vocals.
Well-balanced with the invisible backing band (maybe clone them too, next time? :laughing:)
This was huge in Europe. I was listening to some personal experiences and background of it on BBC’s Soul Music program recently.
Regarding the appropriateness of AVOYP, you’re way off the mark here.
AVOYP is for everybody- irrespective of playing level or quality.
We’ve had some stellar community productions in the past- Kaspar, Leo + Mike, the Comfortably Strange and French Kevin just to mention a few (but not tagging them to avoid inflating egos :rofl:).
What’s the difference between them and some of the excellent ‘drop-ins’ we get? They all engage with the community, comment on other members’ posts, and help out.
You’ve been a solid member of the community, going above and beyond, esp. in your open mic support. I really enjoyed the writeup of your Justin workshop experience.
Now share your secret on the software for the fancy video.
We’ve got the Lennons-
I want Lennon-aid :sunglasses:

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Beautiful take on this song. I have been wanting to try this one too. This was one of my favorite songs around 1991. Great job.

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Very impressive performance. I have to say I find quite difficult to duplicate myself but I would love to do that in order to play the acoustic and electric guitar at the same time. I guess I will learn that skill in a more advanced stage. Way to go!

Great job Eric. Hope to see you in another workshop some day.

Hi Craig, what a wonderful guitar purchasing excuse you have provided, I have 3 more walls to decorate :smile: Thanks for the listen and motivational comments. btw, I live not far from Dingwall in Scotland, perhaps where your surname originates from ?