Eric Lennon - February 2024 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps + Winds Of Change + Romanza

Hi Silvia, I am very interested to hear your arrangement using the muted finger hits in the chorus. Since I started work on the electric version I have been thinking to do an acoustic open mic version but have not got further than just thinking about it. Thanks for your comments and listen.

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Hi JK, @jkahn cheers man thanks for the guidance and support. I have lived in my house now for 4 years and all I have done is renovate for everyone except me, so over the winter I have completely renovated my space and I am very happy with it. I was not going for the medieval look but I understand my Claymore sword and Targe could give that impression.

@jkahn Pretty awesome how you learned two guitar parts. Great lead playing. Also, I think your new guitar room is looking great. Very medieval

Hi Rogier Will check out those timing issue later thanks

@roger_holland That was great and certainly later it took also fantastic great sounds boom together :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: … there were some more timing issues in the beginning,

Hi Keith @Majik , Thanks for the appreciation. As you probably know there is a lot more guitar bits I could have done to make this sound close to the Scorpions original but I felt what I did caught the essence of the song.

the Moskva, mentioned in the first line and multiple other times during the song, was the flagship of the Russian Black Sea fleet, and a symbol of great pride to the Russians.

I always understood the Moskva referred to was the river Moskva which goes through Moscow and passes by Gorky Park which how it is described in the song. I love the song for its aspiration of peace I don’t see it as a political song in any way. If they changed lyrics later then I guess they can it is their song but the original is the one I still resonate with even after all these years.

Hi Brian @brianlarsen . I am glad you spotted my intentional slight of guitar :smile: The backing was a drum , bass and a synth pad, i debated about the synth pad but I am glad I included it, made the sound a bit fuller. Thanks for the guidance regarding the post, I take it seriously coming from you , yes seriously :grinning: Will check out the BBC program if I can. BTW, The SW is simple it is a built in video transition effect in my Reaper DAW.

Hi Carlos @CarlosAP

I have to say I find quite difficult to duplicate myself

I don’t dare try to duplicate myself outside of my music room , my family would not tolerate it.

@bpweiss Hi Brian , good to hear from you it has been a while since our paths cross, October 2022 ?


Hi Brian, just listened to the BBC program, I enjoyed it, thanks for the tip. I worked a lot in several former Soviet Union countries in the early 1990’s , I recall this was a time of major change for people in this part of the world , I still have friends from my time there , hard to believe around 30 years has elapsed

I was being cheeky because of the sword and shield :wink:

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Possibly Eric, I, and my father were born in Kent but his father was actually a Scot although he had died before I was born so don’t really know the history.
I have always said I’ll make it there one day.:+1:

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That was excellent, Eric.

I hope it is the shape of things to come.

Fabulous playing, tone. Beyond me to notice timing issues. Great vocal. I can wax on.

From where I sit, you are one of the virtuosos in the Community.

Must amplify what Brian says. Drive-bys who just want to milk the Community for views, likes, and subscribes tend not to stick around. Other members often call them out.

You are not that, no worries.

I’d just encourage you to take in some of the other postings, even just offering encouragement is helpful. But I am sure you can share some pointers when approrpriate given your play-grade and experience attending Justin’s workshops.

Now my son must not see the shield and sword. He has a replica claymore and other weaponry but no shield.

Lastly, please share how you made the video. I loved that you stuck around even when not playing LOL

David, nice to hear from you regarding my AVOYP. Your feedback is important to me as I see you as one of the custodians I mentioned.

Very generous comment , for me I am still a beginner but if my beginner level can help inspire other beginners to keep progressing I would be pleased.

I was not ware of the restriction the Rogier mentioned wrt the frequency of posting , not sure I even understand it so I will check that out and keep it in mind going forward.

The Claymore I have is of course a replica but it is pretty realistic, I mean it is sharp, heavy with a real point and could probably do some serious damage , I got it quite a few years ago maybe before rules changed ? Or is your sons similar ?

Glad you enjoyed the band vibe with Eric 2 sticking around

The video thing is super simple for me actually. I just shoot the 2 videos with some sync points of course then import them straight into my DAW and use a built in video transition effect called horizontal wipe and that is it. The DAW is Reaper , not sure if you know but it is low cost compared with many others I have seen and seems very feature rich and stable.

Thanks again for the listen and feedback.

Hi …
It is about creating a new topic in the AVOYP that there can only be 1 in January and 1 in February… but you can post a video every day in the February month topic… I will copy it … you don’t have to worry about it because Richard (or does David too) combine them without any major punishment… I believe it is only sending the guitar of his choice to his home address per violation… (air guitars)

Have fun



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Hi Eric (& Eric :grin:),

another great performance you shared with us. :clap:

That was very well done and replacing the whistling intro with a second guitar was a brilliant idea. Sounded really good. Again, a great video, too.

Regards your points for posting AVOYPs, IMHO it’s perfectly fine and that’s why we have them. :slight_smile:

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This was wonderful Eric, I played it few times in a row - it is inspiring!
I love the video overlap, I have no idea how you did it. If it is easy, maybe you can explain or point me in the right direction? :slight_smile:

Hi Boris, thanks for the feedback. Here is what i wrote earlier about the video effect.

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Think I get it now cheers

Hi Eric, what a great and entertaining production :star_struck:. You know, I always love your OM performances, but having two Erics playing at the same time is even better :smiley:. Cool thing this ‘cloning effect’. I’m happy, that you decided to do more AVOYPs in the future :blush:.

Your playing was highly enjoyable (although, I’ve never been a big fan of this particular song :speak_no_evil:), great lead work, and nice sound of both of your guitars, also well sung. And the whilsteling part: well, I really didn’t miss it. Replacing it with such nice guitar sounds was a perfect idea :+1:. (One of the songs, I’m currently working on, also contains some whisteling. I always have a good laugh when practicing it :sweat_smile:.)
But Eric, may I ask you to do me a favour? Don’t call yourself a ‘beginner’. This production is definitely no ‘beginner’s work’. You can be absolutely proud of it and consider your playing level as intermediate :slightly_smiling_face:.

Last, but not least: Your new guitar room looks gorgeous :star_struck:. I love the green wall, as well as the one with your guitars. Lots of space there, as well :smiley:.

I’m looking forward to your next recording :blush:.

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Eric this is terrific to see and kudos to you for adapting to make more use of the AVOYP area. I’ve always enjoyed your OM performances, you’re thoughtful in your song choices and how you introduce them.

Both Eric’s in this have done a lovely job, and to produce the video etc is mighty impressive. I really enjoyed the song, much more playing chops than I have to offer anything other than a big thumbs up and will keep my eyes peeled for whatever you drop next. :heart:

Yes, at Montegridolfo 2022, had a good time there. I will try to make it again this year wherever it is.

Absolute pleasure. I think it’s great you’ll make more recordings and share in AVOYP. Afterall there are 100s of members and only 10s attend the OMs. Your playing is always so good that it is a shame to deprive them :wink:

As for being a beginner. I guess we could all claim to be beginners, always at the beginning of new discovery and learning. The legends of guitar might say the same thing. That said, in the context of this Community, you are far from being a beginner when considered relative to people embarking on lesson 1, module 1, grade 1.

But I get where you come from.

My son’s is the same. I stand to be corrected but think it was made in Spain?

I use Reaper. And have edited some videos in it. Nothing so fancy. It seemed, and I’d have to look again that the camera angle was different for each take but the backgrounds lined up perfectly.

I confess, it generally doesn’t register with me but Richard is hawk-eyed on that and takes care of it. No punishment at all but a gentle reminder for people who post many in a month.

I do add those tags you mentioned to make my contribution :laughing:


Every time I pickup the guitar I think lets see if I can actually play this thing a bit better . I have realised this will always be the case, so in that spirit i do feel like a beginner but i also can see the progress and wish for others who really are at the beginning of a guitar journey that they can find the motivation to keep progressing and enjoy this lovely skill, whatever level it is

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Cheers mate, thanks for the support, I don’t recall seeing you on the next OM performer list, I have missed the last few for one reason or another so it will be good to be back on the next one ,hope all is good.

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Hi Nicole, been a while . I see you are not on the next OM, I have missed a few of the last ones so looking forward to getting back in that rhythm. You were making fantastic progress last time I saw you playing , I hope you are still finding the time to play and I am curious what song with whistling you are referring to. I am very happy to have refreshed my music space it has helped me get back to music after drifting away for a while. Thanks for the supportive comments. Maybe I will see a post soon of you playing with or without the whistle.

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Continuing the discussion from Eric's February AVOYPs ( formerly -Wind Of Change - Scorpions):

Still trying to figure out how to use the AVOYP in a good way. As understand I should have done something like made my AVOYP heading for the month and included my postings under this heading rather than individual songs . So I thought I will rename my last topic under the “Eric’s February AVOYP” heading and try to add new topic to it.

What to post ? Well I just rediscovered my classical guitar after a renovation. So what to play ? This is the only classical song I could remember off the top of my head so I put new strings on and got the phone out and just went for it. No big production this time :grinning: