ERP. EBP. NGD... Well....Nearly

You What lol…Hmmm, Nearly anyway lol… :blush: :wink:

Early Retirement Pressie
Early 60th Birthday Pressie

NGD, Yeah Almost, Actually waiting at Andertons for me to collect…

It’s a H-535 Custom Core, Dark Cherry Sunburst. Pics at Andertons.


When I get around to getting it, I’ll post some better Pics and possible a little demo…


Happy NGD
Gotta Love a cherry burst. :beers:

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I’m jealous!

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Hi Rachel,
Already Happy NGD :sunglasses: :partying_face:

An absolutely beautiful guitar :sunglasses:
Have a lot of fun in advance :smiley:


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Luvley jubbley !


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Wow that looks gorgeous.

Heritage seem like quality too, enjoy!

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Oh my!
That is big league posh, a very happy new guitar day to you, you are going to love it. Heritage make heirloom instruments and that is a gorgeous example of one right there.

Happy early retirement and birthday too! I’m not quite there yet myself, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel from here.

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Ooooohhh Rachel, do like me a hollow body instrument, looking good, enjoy!! :smiley:

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Yum Yum!
That’s a absolutely beautiful instrument Rachael.
I’m envious for sure…

Congrats for sure.
That’s a keep for a lifetime type of guitar imho. It will provide a lifetime of inspiration for you.
Have many good times playing that beautiful guitar.

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Happy NGD Rachel! We are originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan where the are made. :smiley: Beautiful guitar! Enjoy!

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AHA you went for something already :smiley:
congratulations, she looks stunning!

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:eyes: OMG, it’s gorgeous, I am insanely jealous! :laughing:

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That dark cherry sunburst color is absolutely incredible looking. I was looking at one at the guitar shop and the light caught it and it looked so layered and had a ton of depth to it.

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Yeah, it’s been a little bizarre this journey. The post about early retirement is my partners request, I haven’t asked why lol as I’m only just about to hit 60.

I hadn’t stopped thinking about the guitar since I tried one. I’m just flummoxed that Andertons managed to get it so quick, it’s literally just a few weeks. I was expecting it to take month, so did they from all account I think.

My otherhalf said if I feel that strong about the guitar I should get it, I just had no idea it would arrive the same month lol.

Interesting choice of words “We”.

Do tell, I did my research into Heritage long before trying their guitars and watched some of their vids. Knowing they’re tied to Gibson made me feel the guitar would be good to try, here I find myself. :woman_shrugging: lol


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Congrats on your new guitar, Rachel! Wow, that’s a gorgeous instrument! I wish you lots of fulfilling hours together! I recently tried a hollow body and was positively surprised that it felt so comfortable (I always thought the body size would be too big to feel good).

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Congratulations Rachel! She’s beautiful! :heart_eyes:

Happy NGD! :guitar: :partying_face: :tada:
Looking forward to seeing more pics and the demo too :smiley:

By we, I meant my wife Jen and I. :wink:

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Looks gorgeous Rachel!! When will it be in your hands?!!
Happy nearly NGD!

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That’s a good question lol, to be honest I’m not sure. I’m very busy helping my partner build an engineering workshop in garden which has been ongoing for 6 months now. I had to wait a month to get to Andertons to try some guitars. So I don’t really know. Hopefully in a couple of weeks.

Busy busy busy…


Wow, busy indeed! Looks like it could also be turned into an amazing guitar studio? :wink:
I’ve not been to Andertons in quite a while actually, I almost dare not too as they’ve just got back in stock one guitar I’ve had my eye on for nearly a year :rofl:

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