Even Better than the Beatles 🤣

Hi Brian,

sure made my day!
You do have a gift with words!!!

You’ll have to watch out for more Dutch Challenges after this one I am sure!

I’ll second @SgtColon as regards the Uke

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Awsome Brian!! Love it!! Love your take on it, lyrics was perfect! Well done, impressed :v:

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Deadly Brian. Love it

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Better than the Beatles? OK, but it’s not better than butter. Keep up your rock and roll attitude my friend. Dig it!

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Catching up with the community this morning after my holiday in Italy
A couple of ‘spiritual’ experiences first:

Came across the Altar of Unexploded Ordnance :exploding_head:

Contemplated sharing secrets in this confessional :skull_and_crossbones: :innocent:

Browsed the brochure on my final destination and decided not to worry too much about earthly warming :smiling_imp: :fire:

Oh yeah, ate pizza :yum:

@MorseMooseGreyGoose Cheers mate. Big soft spot for the Kinks :smiley:

@BigLuc and one emoji to rule them all… :heart:

@nzmetal yeah but it doesn’t really djent :rofl:

Cheers @Eddie_09, much appreciated :+1:

@SgtColon and @TRJ Cheers lads, making others smile is half of life’s about. You guys might be right about the uke thing. I’ll have to dig it out and dust if off to give it a spin :smiley:

@tRONd mange tak, min ven :smiley:

@Blobbyblob cheers Dom. It’ll be much more pleasant on the ear when I get some of your guitar chops :smiley:

Partly all your fault @CT, for egging me on at my early impressionable stage :rofl: