Ever broke a guitar pick?

So… This just happened to me for the first time.

And that has me questioning if it’s something common or I’m just unlucky :sweat_smile:
I’ll give some context: I was jamming with 2 friends, and since one of them was playing a banjo (they’re pretty loud) I was strumming really really hard to be able to be heard. It’s a pick I normally use, although the guitar was borrowed (I do believe the strings were a bit harder than mine but not a lot).




My girlfriend uses Fender picks, and has broken several of them.

I use Dunlop picks (the orange ones that Justin recommends), and none of them have so much as cracked…and I have a pretty heavy strumming arm.

I think it mainly depends on the type of plastic the pick is made from.

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Pick attack? Yeah brother!


Yeah, Fender and Gibson picks have broken on me but mostly on acoustic; Dunlop Jazz picks don’t do that, a) they’re pretty thick b) they’re pretty small; it’s easier to bust strings :joy:

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Well done. I’ve never managed to break a pick, I keep going lighter and lighter in my attack.

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Same here. Never broken one yet.
But i too use Dunlops. I couldn’t get used to those Fender picks.
That said, i’ll probably have my first broken one tonight, now that i obviously jinxed it. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I think they were 0.38mm picks all the same brand. Never happened to any other pick I’ve had, now exclusively Dunlop

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Rock & roll Kevin, Rock & roll… :metal:

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Was it an Artic Monkey’s song? :smiley:

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Sorry tpo get back so late folks, work/life is getting in the way of my guitar and community time :frowning:

@roger_holland thanks for the ling Roger, wonder hot @sairfingers managed to tear it into 3 pieces, wow!
@Tbushell this was not Dunlop, but on the style of those picks, I believe it was a 0.70 pick.
@CT strumming as hard and fast as I could, yes haha
@DarrellW yep, I imagine it’s less probable to break one on electric, although I’m sure there’s someone out there who did it!
@tony I like the compliments on wrecking a pick, I was feeling like an animal after it happened.
@GrytPipe give it time! again, I think it was due to the fact that the guitar I was using had thicker strings than the ones in my acoustic.
@Notter the hard life of rock&roll, breaking picks and hearts!
@SgtColon haha it was an original song I was doing with friends, a fairly typical folk/country rhytm but really fast and hard on the strumming!


Melted one.

My picks do heat up a bit. Maybe it’s the nylon?

Were you shredding at the time Pat ?

Nope, strumming like Marcus Mumford.

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That would do it ! :scream:

Must have been playing “Le Jazz Hot”!!!:crazy_face: