Evil Hearted You (cover-cover)

Sunufatarungo* Productions present:

Evil Hearted You, a cover of the Pixies cover of the Yardbirds’ 1968 hit, written by songwriter extraordinaire, Graham Gouldman (later of 10cc).
This was a fun, and eye-opening, project.
The Pixies were one of my go-to bands in the late 80s/90s and were a huge influence on all the grunge that followed them.
I immediately ran into problems trying to program my Trio+ as there are a couple of rhythm irregularities in the song, which either it has trouble reproducing or I lack the knowledge for.
Anyway, my 16-year-old son, Tor, offered to provide me with a rhythm section. I sent him a YouTube link to the song with the required bpm and a couple of hours later he emailed back me a drum ‘n’ bass backing track. I didn’t even know he could play the drums :roll_eyes:. Sure, I’ve seen him mess around a bit on the electronic set I bought him for Christmas a couple of years ago but was well impressed with this.
My trusty six-string-guitar-slinger, Chris was away on holidays, so it was up to me this time to provide vocals, rhythm and- yes- even some lead guitar :grimacing:
I was unhappy with the original vox, as I had mispronounced some of the words (I only have a smattering of Spanish) but had to wait till my covid-ridden chords recovered enough to get another take yesterday. All ingredients thrown into Reaper on a high flame with a shake of the pan and an added pinch of reverb to taste. Ole!
Unfortunately, I like a little video on the side, so had to do the ol’ Marcel Marceau trick after the event.
How can @oldhead49 synchronise with Clapton and I can’t with myself?
Sigh :roll_eyes:
Apologies for the attire. I wanted to get this done and dusted this morning and was still in my nightie.
Sue me/me Sue :wink: :kissing_heart:
Here’s what Black Francis from the Pixies had to say on the liner notes from the B-sides CD
A great Gouldman song done so well by the Yardbirds. We did it in Spanish, and to Gouldman’s credit, he wouldn’t let us release it until I got the translation right. It turns out Graham Gouldman speaks fluent Spanish. I finally got it close enough after consulting the cook at my local taqueria.


Corazon de diablo siempre me intentas rebajar,
Con las cosas que haces y las palabras que difundes contra mi.
Corazon de diablo seguiras enganadome,
Con tu falsa sonrisa y tus canciones de sirena,
Sonriendo enganando, coqueteas conmigo hasta que no hay esperanza,
Respondiendo degradando, de rodillas intento agradarte.

Pero te quiero sin embargo y te deseo piedad,
A mi lado y veras lo que significas para mi.

Corazon de diablo siempre me intentas rebajar,
Con las cosas que haces y las palabras que difundes contra mi, sobre mi.
Que harias sin mi, sonriendo, enganando,
Coqueteas conmigo hasta que no hay esperanza

(Evil hearted you. You always try to put me down,
With the things you do, And words you spread around against me.
Evil hearted you. You kept kidding me along,
With your phony smile and with your siren song
smiling, beguiling, you lead me on 'til all hope’s gone,
Persuading, degrading, on my knees I try to please.

But I love you, Just the same, and I want you to remain,
By my side, and you’ll see, Just how much you, mean to me.

Evil hearted you. You always try to put me down,
With the things you do, And words
You spread around against me, About me.
What would you, Do without me?
Smiling, beguiling, you lead me on 'til all hope has gone.)

(.*Sunusfatarungo is my favourite German word from one of the oldest known German texts, the Hildebrandslied. It means son and father. A saga about estranged father and son who face each other on the battlefield. I wrote a (terrible) song about this when I first joined the forum but love the name for a father/son combo :smiley:)


Another wonderful production, Brian.

I think Doolittle is a great record and enjoy it more than the albums of the bands that they influenced.

“Nightie” … that has more style than most of the shirts in my drawers and wardrobe :rofl: Though I might have wondered what is going on … no white T-shirt, close-cropped haircut.

I’m talking a lot of nonsense, and should leave that to the many here better qualified than I in that department.

Now I think to stretch yourself it is time you started to video yourself recording the tracks and put together a video that brings it all together in some ways.

Keep rocking them, Brian-style


Hi Tor ,
That was great, nice and tight and done quickly :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:… now hopefully that you can get your father on the right track …

Edit: I didn’t read the whole obscure text,…but unfortunately I have to admit…

wow, what a wonderful energy comes jumping from the screen…The solo fits nice …and you are already standing there ,so you gould take a bow at the end :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Well ,…here :clap: :sunglasses: :bouquet: it belongs to you…


Cheers for the listen and thumbs up @DavidP
I see you’re giving the Community a good top-up before you sign off :wink:
Now a video about production would just about be the death of me :rofl:
We all gotta do what we all gotta do…

@roger_holland Unfortunately Tor is incommunicado at present, wandering with his siblings through the alps from Zermatt to Chamonix. Will I still have 4 this time next week? :thinking:
Thank you for the applause however.
Always give your best, no matter who the audience… :wink:


Ooooo Brian…Don`t say that kind of things …Although I don’t believe in those kinds of predictive values :sweat_smile:, but it gives my back some creeps :grimacing:…I have a great and broad empathy … a little too big sometimes :speak_no_evil:

as i said before … children … just like your wife/husband , you have to love them … they are your own fault… :joy:

And what should I think of that last sentence? :smirk:

It’s almost your time for a holiday to the land of baguettes and stinky cheese?

Greetings… :innocent:

Edit : @Trond ,I’m just using/abuse this thread (and nicely tucked it away) to ask how you are doing Trond…just very busy? hopefully you’re doing okay, but your absence for such a while is noticeable and even here with your colleague viking I didn’t see you,…so :wave:

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Damn Brian, you are a truly worldwide person, seeing so many countries, being able to speak a few languages and now sing in Spanish! I am actually impressed and the recording was great, really enjoyed it and loved your peejay, at first I thought it’s some sort of religious outfit but hey, in this time and day you can’t really assume anything :grinning: and kudos to your boy damn this drums really sounded nice and sweet!

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Lol reminds me of the game diablo I play! Thought this was well done, thanks for providing the lyrics, was quite dark! Kudos!

Marvelous, Brian. A fun video, yes, but you’re also a very good guitarist. Loved your outfit, it looked like a top straight out of the 70s, like one of those hippie tops

Overall very theatrical and entertaining. I try not to get too wrapped up in visuals, but I did like the lighting changes. Nicely done. Musically appealing with ebbs and flows and dynamics. The breakdown to the lead section was well done. Sounded good to me. Play on Playa!

Cheers man, much appreciated.

All my attire has religious status to my disciples :rofl:
and yes, I may have to be nice to the boy, if I wish to retain his services…

Hey @Bytron08 Thank you!
The Wiki page has one critic calling the original “one of the gloomiest hit singles in all of 1960s British rock” (@sairfingers :wink:)
It still blows my mind that three of the biggest names in rock guitar history, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton all played in the Yardbirds :exploding_head:

@SandyMusic merci beaucoup :smiley:
Good enough is good enough!

Haha, that’s an artefact of a crappy webcam unable to deal with any ambient light fluctuations :rofl:
Appreciate the listen and comments, man :sunglasses:

Hi Brian. That was great stuff. The Yardbirds pretty much passed me by in the 60’s as did the Pixies in the 80’s so I’ve no reference point here. I’m sure there must be gloomier songs around!

Yes a pretty theatrical performance as usual from you with some great guitar work. I really liked your lead solo bit. Your vocal suited the song and Tor’s drumming was impressive. Your production was really good but there must be a way to put it all together without having to do miming sync.

All that plus Spanish and wearing your wife’s nightie. What more could the Community ask for! :smile:

You’re right about the Trio. It doesn’t cope with odd rhythms or half bar endings.

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Pretty cool that you got that effect organically.

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Hi Brian,

That was wicked.
Hat’s off for the vocal. Awesome job.

Always great to see someone having a ball - and you looked like you loved that.

Very nice tones.

I never really listened much to the Pixies at the time. My friends loved them, but i was a devout metalhead - and strayed little from the path of true music. :). Started listening to more in recent years.

Top stuff.


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Love me some Pixies. They’ve had a bit of a resurgence recently.

Great cover.

You nailed the pixies solo tone btw. Thought it sounded the goods as soon as you kicked into that bit.

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Brian what are you doing???
No Daphne, playing with a plectrum, singing Spanish…… my brain hurts :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:
Hahaha, gotchya…… seriously it was pretty much amazing, great tones, very decent Solo and well your singing, apart from not having a clue what you were on about (until I read the translated lyrics and listened again using them as reference) was pretty damn good !
Really enjoyed this, you’re definitely upping your game! :+1::+1::+1:

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@sairfingers Thank you muchly for those comments :smiley:
I don’t often resort to the miming thing, but there is a positive aspect to it too. I only ever use it when I’ve recorded multiple parts in a DAW and I’m afraid when I do that, I tend to be lazy and take shortcuts, esp. recording short segments and then stitching them together, or even copy and pasting chorus/verse repetitions. Recording a ‘mime’ video forces me to learn how to play the whole song through and sing in one go, as well as making me think a little more about the ‘presentation’ of the performance. It’s not a bad learning exercise for me.

… a KitKat? :rofl:

I did enjoy this one even more than usual. I think it was the combination of unexpected contribution by Tor, the whole background of the song and having to do it in Spanish that pushed me a little out of my comfortably strange zone :laughing:
Looking forward to dipping into your album, but visitors at the moment and upcoming travels may delay the delights…

@jkahn cheers mate. It made me smile when I heard they got back together again but never really went back to follow them. Part of me might be afraid I’d be disappointed :thinking:

Muchas gracias, senor!
Not everything is as it seems: all guitar parts recorded on ‘Daphne’ (which has become my ‘go to’ guitar). I just thought the Hagström matched my nightie better :rofl:
No plectrums were used in the recording, apart from the solo bit. I decided if I have to learn something new, I should try to learn properly from the outset. So plectrums for lead work.
Cheers for the vote of confidence. Maybe time to lower the bar again :wink:


A man of mystery :face_with_raised_eyebrow: That was great stuff there Brian. You played well, sang well and put on an entertaining performance. I’m not really familiar with the Pixies until recently when I heard their version of Que Sera Sera. Look forward to the next song you pull out of your sock drawer.

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Hi Brian,
I think this is one of the best things you have done. Lots going on, the addition of your son’s drums and bass are great! I think I hear your guitar left on the rhythm? You might was want to double track it and split those tracks L & R, off center on the panning a bit. If you don’t want to play it twice to get the double track, just try the Haas effect on it. If you are not sure what it is, google it or search for it as YouTube.

I know how OH (@oldhead49 ) did his on the money sync in Cocaine. It is simple, yet very hard to do. He simply played pretty much note for note with Clapton’s video and OH recorded his own audio. Since he played to Clapton, it was fairly simple to line it up and kill the audio on the video. Then insert his (OH’s) audio in place of Clapton. Walah, an in sync project that was spot on to the video!

Lastly, I think I like you better doing something like this on E Guitar. Just my personal tastes there.

Keep up the good play and vox!

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Well, Brian, first things first. Your casual attire really goes beyond Clapton, as does your showmanship with a slight lunge toward the camera and pumping the guitar and facial expressions. The only place he tops you is in lead play; however I must say I enjoyed your lead and I think this is the first I’ve seen you play with a pic.
Now to the more serious. Truly an enjoyable performance for me; the playing, the vocal, the balance, just the overall sound. You’ve come a long way, my friend, since we first met. Kudos to your son too.

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You sure looked to be enjoying yourself with that one Brian and I thought it was brilliant. I didn’t understand a word of it mind.

Lead, good. Attire, good. Showmanship, good. Way to nail it man. Bravo!

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