Extra extra large adjustable thumb pick

Greetings from Thailand,

Currently I play without a pick. I like it. Due to an accident years ago, my strumming thumb is very, very big and has little feeling. I’m never sure if I’m holding a flat pick. So I stopped using one.
I am experimenting with thumb picks. All I have tried are too small. I have tried fitting extra large adjustable thumb picks on my left thumb (fretting hand) and they are too small, and hence are way too small to fit on my right thumb (strumming hand).
I have scoured the internet for musical instrument suppliers that have extra extra large adjustable thumb pick that is VERY adjustable. No luck. Anyone know of an online supplier that has gigantic adjustable thumb picks?

Hi Skip,
Black Mountain picks have a thumb pick which is tensioned by a spring, it might work for you. :smiley: