Fairly new to guitar, already somehow have two - this could be expensive!

Hi everyone. I started learning guitar a year or so ago, but didn’t get on with the resource I was using at the time, a little too much theory and not enough playing.

Then my sister introduced me to Justin Guitar and I’m totally hooked again.

Have vague knowledge of music theory but not much so looking forward to learning more of that too.

I’m in Staffs in the UK and looking forward to improving.

Claire :smiley:


Hi Claire and welcome to this warm a fuzzy community.

You made the right choice switching to Justin, as you not only have a one stop shop to take you from zero to wherever you want to go but the support of loads of folks who have all trodden the same path and can show you the way !

Any problems, questions, anything just holler.



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Thanks Toby.

Hi Claire, welcome to the community - you’ve definitely come to the right place!
I’m not a million miles away, I’m 8 miles south west of Birmingham just bordering Worcestershire andI have relatives in Cannock.
As Toby says anything that you’re not sure about just ask, remember that there’s no such thing as a stupid question here!
Join in and have fun going down the guitar learning path!


Hi Claire welcome to JG! You cant tempt us with mentioning 2 guitars and not tell us what they are, pics??

Whats more, we can help you acquire others!


The first was a Washburn WGC10S comfort, which does feel lovely. The bevelled edge is fantastic.

Then I went to PMT in Brum with my sister who was buying an electric and the total magpie in me accidently bought a Washburn Bella Tono Elegante. I’m such a sucker for shiny things :grimacing:

Whoops! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Oooh that Bella looks gorgeous no wonder it came home with you!

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Three’s a charm….:wink:



I have technically got 3 as I have my late mother’s dreadnought in the loft, but it was just too big for me to play comfortably.

I don’t need any encouragement to get more! :smiley:

Everybody knows guitars need friends :smiley:


I’m in Birmingham so not a million miles away! It does seem that once you have one you “need” more. I already have a house full of instruments and it’s gonna get worse! :joy:

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Ah, so what you’re saying here is maybe it’s cruel to keep them on their own, they belong in packs……:thinking:


Ooo two very nice guitars there! I know exactly why you fell for the Abalone, it’s really pretty isn’t it? This is mine:


Accidently bought a guitar ? Oh yes, you have GAS !!

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@LizW , yeah, very close!

I have a flute I used to play and a saxophone that I never really got to grips with so I’m hoping my staying power is better with this. In my defence, the sax sounded awful when I tried to learn it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Guitar accident syndrome??

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Quite a collection behind you too :relaxed:

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GAS = Guitar Acquisition Syndrome.

The question often asked how many guitars do you need ? The answer being n + 1
n equalling the number you own. :rofl:

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Excellent equation :+1:

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Hmm, 2 flutes, a piano, a keyboard, a violin, an electric violin, a recorder and currently one (soon to be 2 guitars, a girl needs an electric right?!). Thankfully I sold my clarinet and sax. I know, I have a problem :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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