Far from any roads - The handsome family

Hi everyone :grin:

I Started to watch a tv show called True detective a few months back.

And i just could not get that intro song out of my head. It is a perfect little ,dark and mellow song that got stuck in my head… so here it is… a very short end very easy 3 chord song, just the way i like them :rofl:

( And the show itself…… it is just awsome!! )


Hi Trond,
How good this song of yours is :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: , wonderful to listen to and just in time because the sun started to shine here just after not having seen it for a long long time so a dark mood brings everything back into balance. :black_heart:
Greetings from the sunny side of the water :grin:

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Beautifully done Trond, gotta love a 3 chord-er, you’ve added a lot of feeling into that in both playing and vocals. :+1::clap:

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You’re a man with exquisite taste, min ven :sunglasses:
And this song is right in your wheelhouse, as Clint would say :wink:
Loved it1
I’ve seen them a number of times and even had a message chat with Brett Sparks (who wrote the most convincing song I’ve ever heard about having a psychotic breakdown).
Here’s the first cover I ever did of their songs five years ago. :smiley:

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Didn’t know this song before @jpedro_AM posted it in his Learning Log a few days ago…

I enjoyed your rendition a lot The tone of your guitar and style of your vocals fit this song very well. Might be aa really good choice for one of your next open mics :slightly_smiling_face:

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@roger_holland !! Love that i can drag you back to some darkness and melancholy ! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@Notter thanks Mark… Yep! 3 chord songs is underated :rofl:

@brianlarsen hahahaha!! Of course you knew The handsome family :rofl::rofl::rofl:
( Can not get that link to work Brian… )

@JokuMuu thanks for checking out Nicole… been a little busy the last weeks so his version has slipped past me… pretty amazing that these two pops up so close, do not belive they are very well known songs :grin:


Sweet and dark at the same time, I like it! :smiley:

Great performance, Trond. You gave that 3-chord song a lot of depth and it really suits you well. Seems you’re made for one another. :smiley: I really enjoyed the listen.

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Big fan of the 3 chord songs myself Trond. You certainly brought this one to life. Super stuff as always. :+1:

Sorted, but beware, this was ‘early’ work :rofl:

I loved the song, very nicely played and sung. :slight_smile:

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Done with the usual Trond charm. Loved it. I hadn’t heard that song before, having not watched True Detective or heard of the Handsome Family. I looked them up on spotify, and they are “masters of melancholy Americana” so right up your alley.

I’m jealous of what you can do with just 3 chords, your voice, some emotion and dynamics.

TV though, it’s been AGES since I was really watching a show properly. Choosing a show feels like so much commitment, the last couple of longer form serials I started watching went really downhill after the first 2 seasons and it’s turned me off watching TV shows for the last 18 months or so.

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Great rendition, letting the song speak for itself!

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Hi Trond - that was wonderfully played and sung! I wasn’t familiar with the song before, but thank you for introducing me to such good music once again!

Tell me, is this is a test for us? Is it? :sunglasses:
Please tell me that I’m not mad :smiley: :smiley:

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Thanks for checking out @Boris1565 :pray:

Thanks for checking out @Richtrfc :pray:

Thanks a lot @jkahn im not a big television viewer myself. So i came very late to the True Detective party… belive season 1 is from around 2013… However, it is really really good, so it gets both thumbs up from me :grin: can only speak for season 1 though…

Thanks for checking it out @franzek ! And no… you are not mad… it is 4 chords in there, not three… i throw around that 3 chord expression all the time about easy songs. When i think about it, it kind of «cheapens» the songs a bit… there is no such thing as easy songs, it is just music :grin:


Great job Trond! I think you captured the mood of the song really well. The Handsome Family are a great band and their back catalogue is worth exploring. They have an album called Twilight which is one of my all time faves.

Thanks Michael! :pray:
Yep. Just started to dip my toes into The handsome family :grin: and i like them a lot, very cool and laidback sounding band.
Twilight is on my list :grin:

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Great tone and vocal, Trond, delightful as always.

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That was a great job as always. The song suits you ver well, you have that fantastic ability to really tell a story when you sing and play.

Did @brianlarsen not invite them around to his house for supper?


I like when a song makes such an impression that you just have to learn it. It’s like it’s not enough just to listen - you have to play it. I thought your version was great, thanks for sharing, Susan

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Lovely moody performance​:+1::+1::+1:

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