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This is good but I wish the tabs were free :(. But will try my best to do without them

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Hi Freeml, you could do a 7 day free trial subscription and then see if the paid subscription would be a good purchase for you. (I have the annual subscription, it is definitely worth it to me.)

Great song, have fun learning it.

Thanks Mari I’m actually a new comer thanks so much :slight_smile:

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Help me as i’m a little confused (its my normal state), but with the CAPO on 2nd then the chords Im playing (C ,G ,Em and D Shapes) are actually D, A, Fm# and E in the Key of D. Is this right?
So if i want to play without a capo then i’m in the key of C and I can use C,G,Em and D without issue? It sounds ok to me but im not playing along with the record obviously.
Forgive me if i’m having a stupid moment.

Hi spev short answer to your question - yes you are correct :slight_smile:

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@spev11 if you want to play along with the recording you can use the chords D A F# E without a capo and be in key with the original.

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cheers both, I knew some of the theory had gone in just didn’t trust myself to be right. I’ll use a capo to play along but if i’m playing along with my brother then i’ll play in C as we both have lower “singing” voices ( I say singing, i make leonard cohen sound like an opera sporano)