Feature request: print Tabs or export to PDF please!

Probably not much to add that isn’t covered by the post title here.

I have paid for a subscription to Justin’s tabs, and they are great! But I’d like to be able to print them out and put them on my music stand for practice sessions. Having to view them on the website is not very practical for me, and printing the webpage looks terrible (the soft “pages” don’t line up with the actual print pages)

Brendan, I can appreciate the convenience of printing; however, that is not possible based on the terms and conditions of the license under which this is provided (product FAQ refers)

I understand that it is a restriction by the license agreement, but it is still the biggest disadvantage of the tabs feature.

I would prefer a single tab buy option, including PDF, instead of this online only abo version.

Yeah, can’t say I’m surprised. Lawyers: is there any good thing they can’t ruin?


I haven’t tried the tabs feature yet, but can you not just take a screenshot of them? Not as nice as a fancy download, but perhaps good enough for offline use.

Yeah there are ways to work around it but none of them are pretty

That’s why it’s so daft. There are ways to easily save the content despite having no download option. There are also ways to get the similar content for free elsewhere on the internet, if you do some digging. So why on Earth place such restrictions on people who are willingly paying for the content? Surely it just encourages even those people to do it the less “legitimate” (read: less profitable for the licensee) way?

But as you say… lawyers…

I agree with all these sentiments Ross

A labor intensive solution would be, to transcribe them using e.g. MuseScore 3 (Free sheetmusic / tab editor) and go on from there… only downside is, you need to write them first :smiley:

Or you could do it the old fashioned way and learn the songs well enough to play them from memory.

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It’s learning the songs I prefer to have tab for. Videos just don’t do it for me. :slight_smile:

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I find watching the song lesson videos and writing it down on paper or on Guitar Pro helps in the memory process.

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That’s cool, but doesn’t work for me. I find reading tab and then just playing it gets it into my memory easily enough. Which is odd given how easily I tend to forget anything that isn’t guitar related… but there you go! :grin:

Well, yeah Rick. That’s what I’m trying to do. That’s what the tab is for.

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I am not good remembering songs. Sure a few parts but not the whole song.
Justin guitar is about a year old. Maybe you can print it one day or maybe there will be an app for using it offline. I would love to print it out as well. Like on ultimate guitar pro. An app should be the next step where you can download the songs for offline use.

Bear in mind that more functionality is very likely to increase the cost. Downloadable tabs and/or a whole new tab-related app is going to be expensive to develop. Both would also change the license agreement for the songs included, pretty much guaranteeing that the licencing companies are going to want a whole lot more cash. That cost would be covered by higher subscription fees for end users.

I do appreciate that convenience is important for many people these days, but so is affordability. Justin has always made a point of trying to keeps costs to an absolute minimum… or at zero… for his services, and I certainly appreciate that.

There are already other services which offer the convenience features that people want, if they can afford them. So personally, I would rather Justin’s focus remains on affordability for those on a tight budget, even if it means giving up some of the convenience.

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TAB is only useful as a learning the song device, using it to play songs without learning them is a crutch that doesn’t help, in fact it shoots you in the foot; it just makes learning a song more difficult in the long run!


Darrell hit the nail on the head. If you rely on tabs or song sheets you will never learn by memory. I was at a fire side jam a few weeks ago and as soon as the sun went down everyone who had song books quit playing because they couldn’t see the words. The rest of us played until 2:00 in the morning.

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Well I am trying to use the tab as a learning device, all I am saying is it would be more useful as a learning device, if I could print it out.

But if @Rolandson (or anybody else) doesn’t intend to memorise songs, and would prefer to just play off a tab, I don’t think anyone can say they’re wrong to do so. Sure, they won’t be able to play at the fireside until 2:00. But then, that might not be something they are chasing. People come to guitar for a variety of reasons and with a variety of goals, right?

In any case, I’ve no interest in flogging a dead horse. If the rights holders are going to charge a bunch more money to allow printouts then there’s nothing to be done about it. I’ll either work around the restriction, or get my tabs from somewhere else.


:sob::sob::sob: I’m not proud to say that I experienced this…at the beginning with my eyes constantly on the tab it was quite fine and allowed me to learn to practice with the metronome, hands coordination and fingerpicking skills, like fingers being able to find their way among the strings, and also on the fretboard. But it was soo frustrating in the end - I did the reverse of what had to be done: learning to find those sounds on the guitar first, building a connection with the instrument and then slowly work on the other skills! Nevermind! Now I know and I can do better :blush::blush::blush:

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