Feel Good Strumming

When playing music, the technical side is often less important than the way it makes people feel. Learn to get into the vibe!

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I listened to David Grohl’s audiobook and I remember him talking about faking it until you make it.

wise words right there. And Justin is right. Music can be felt. Thus play so they feel what u feel.

I thought about strumming in the same way I learned juggling - one day you move from left brain to right brain and you just can. Keep the faith one day it just moves across. You almost have to stop thinking and start feeling.


Hello @Cogstar and welcome to the community.
Stop thinking and start feeling. Yeah, I can see how that mental approach can break through the strumming barrier.
Cheers :smiley:
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That is beautifully put and totally applicable in all manners of playing music :metal:

Hello Paul,
Welcome to the community.

Your observation is not just a good tip, it is the ULTIMATE tip for playing the guitar.

I remembered Stevie Ray Vaughan (still my favorite guitarist) talking about that on his first major album Texas Flood (Bonus Track 11 on the CD release) and I listened again to make sure. To paraphrase he said when he focuses on where his fingers are on the neck and what he is doing he gets in trouble, but when he plays from the heart and not from the head and lets the music come out he is OK {or what the average guitarist would consider insanely great)…

Like you said, if you practice enough, at some point it becomes automatic. I think thats part of what Justin means when he says practice makes permanent. Once the music becomes permanently ingrained it can be automatic and can flow from your heart to your fingers. That is something that can happen at each level of playing the guitar.