Fender California Series Newporter Player(acoustic)

Hi–Im thinking of buying one of these--does anyone have one or opinions--sadly im a lefty so very limited. My wife has offered to buy me a guitar to see me through beginner to intermediate. I have a cheap acoustic but looking for next step up.
Wish I could try first but no shop anywhere near me (N Scotland) so it will be online


I don’t have much experience with that particular Fender but I do with Breedlove, they make some amazing guitars, this one in particular is a real bargain, it’s available online or from Edinburgh or Glasgow - both will deliver. It’s a pre owned one and used to cost around £650, at this price it’s not a bad deal!

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thanks-something to mull over

Hi, I’ve got one in candy apple red. I bought it as my first guitar in January 2022 and I’ve been getting on well with it. I particularly like having the built in tuner which makes it so easy to check tuning every time I play. I also like having the cutaway which helps on accessing the higher frets. I’m happy with it, I’m not fed up with it and I’m not interested in buying another acoustic.

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I have Newporter All Mahogany (If you’d like to check out, I have an avoyp playing it here) I think it looks amazing, and it is really well-built. I was surprised how much the luthier has paid attention to all the little details.

One thing to consider - it sounds nothing like the modern acoustic guitars I often hear. It is more sort of a raw, old-school, loud sound rather than clean and refined. Perhaps it is because it is the all-mahogany one, perhaps that’s how newporters are.

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still undecided as there are others to consider I guess. Going to have a listen to some more vids before pulling the trigger but thanks