Fender micro plug in amp

This little bug amp is great. I started slacking off on my practice (none). Picked up this little amp and it brought back some of the enthusiasm that I had. Starting to practice everyday. If only I could by more limber fingers I’d be in great shape


Welcome, Harry!!!
Practicing everyday will limber-up 'em fingers.
Keep on playing, and have fun!!!
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Thank you

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I actually purchased one of these, maybe a month ago, but haven’t used it yet, other than charging it and updating the firmware. I should really give it a try. On top of portability, it sounds fun to try the various built in models/effects.

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I’ve been thinking of purchasing one myself. Lately, i’ve been able to play just for 10 or 15 minutes. And if I have to boot my computer, prepare the cables and load the amp sim, i easily lose 5 minutes which is 1/3 of the time I had :sweat_smile:.

Have you tried the “metal” amps? If i’m not wrong, you can use it as a guitar interface as well. Right?


Which is why I tend to recommend a real amp (or some sort of hardware multifx separate from the PC) rather than amp sims on a computer.

It’s just so much more immediate in a lot of cases.




I had the vox plug in amp. I think it only had 3 settings. Also not very sturdy. but the price is right and no bluetooth for playing along


I ended up testing it out on my guitar and my bass yesterday, and it worked great! It has multiple amp simulations each for clean, fuzz, and overdrive, as well as various reverbs and other effects. Each effect can also be modified through a few presets.

It also has a totally clean, “studio” mode without any amp sim or effects, if you so desire. And, yes, it can be used as an interface as well via the USB connector, though I have not tried it yet in that capacity. I already have an interface, but I may try it out just to see how it does.

Here are the amp models and effects:


I see it now. I went on amp sim because it was way cheaper and didn’t know back then if i was going to stick to the guitar or it was going to be a 2 months hobby :sweat_smile:.

And these little headphone amps seems very convenient for me since I travel regularly to my home town

I saw those too and seem great. However, in my opinion, compared with the Fender, they look a bit short of effects. I would have to buy 2 box amps for blues, and metal sound.

If i’m correct Vox was the pioneer and Fender mini mustang is the latest released

Thanks for sharing your experience :blush:. I’m very tempted to buy one for myself


I started out with a VOX AC30 plug in and liked it. Then graduated to a VOX Mini 3 which is much more versatile and sounds great through my headphones, which is the only way I play since I live in a NYC apt with thin walls. About a year ago I bought the Fender Mustang Micro to replace the AC30 which was a good move. Now I mostly use the Fender as it’s pretty versatile and VERY convenient (almost too convenient) as I have to set up the Mini 3 whenever I want to use it.


I keep my Fender micro amp plugged into my Strat at all times with tiny earphones attached and hanging over the back of the body of the guitar. When I need an electric guitar I just grab the Strat hanging on the side of a bookcase, turn on the micro amp, put in at least one earphone and start playing using the first default setting. The main thing I have to remember is to turn off the micro amp when I finish or I ‘ll have a dead amp the next time I reach for the guitar. Otherwise it is very convenient. The only comparable thing is perhaps the small amps with wireless BlueTooth plugin, but I haven’t tried that route.


Your computer is not always on? :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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Good point, but no. I don’t use to leave it on. I have to be careful with the bills :joy:

I have one of these and it has been really great when playing with backing tracks or jamming along with garage band on my tablet. I can’t recommend it enough for a guitar student. It also doubles as a DAW interface for recording yourself.

It opened my eyes to how much fun different amp sounds can be. The effects are meh. Interesting but not terribly useful beyond reverb but the variety of amp types is great. You can really play with the gain too, makes that guitar volume knob very useful.

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Welcome to the forum!

I recommend it to a friend without even having tried it myself. I had the Boss Pocket GT. I got my Micro today–and it is exactly what it needs to be.

By contrast, the Boss Pocket is a very confused design and extremely inconvenient in its format. I will compare the two side by side once I get more practice time with the Micro.

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I guess I could do that now:) Having the Boss Pocket GT and Fender Mustang Micro mostly confirmed my expectations since the pros and cons were pretty obvious ahead of time.

The Boss allows loads and loads of experimentation. Will you like the sounds? It depends. I think the amps are rather mediocre, the definition of what people call “digital,” artificial, inorganic, clipping. But I like the JC120 simulation. I also found uses for the 5150 one. Generally, I did not like its distortions. I cannot comment on the effects much but I liked the Boss once.

The Fender Mustang, otoh, I think has pretty nice sounds. I think they are one full level above the Boss GT. Obviously, you are severely limited on the controls but that’s okay for a starter portable amp. The only downside I can see is that, unless I am missing something, you must have an effect. You can minimize the effect you chose, but I don’t see a dry option.

Obviously the form factor is the biggest deal hear and the Fender kills it while the Boss Pocket GT is simply awful to use in any other way but seated.

I am considering a GT1, which is the same as the Pocket, as a way of getting delays and a noise gate on the cheap plus stuff to play around with. This is because I am undergoing a 180 degree away from modelling to an amp due to the appearance of the 5150 Iconic series 15w with 3.5W option and proper emulated out. But that won’t happen soon so I will wait and see on the Gt1 as well. The 1000 Core can on occasion be found open box for a very decent price so…

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Just seen this device. I have a Scarlett 2i2, is the Mustang Micro a way of playing a guitar through a computer and still use the amp/effect settings?

the micro has usb out already ???

I don’t have the Mustang Micro, but I have a Nux MP3 which is similar.

As @RobDickinson suggests, there’s a USB port you can connect to a PC or (I think) a phone and use for recording/streaming. At the same time, you can hear the effects through headphones connected to the Micro.

On the Nux you can do a similar thing, but the Nux also allows you to connect a headset with a mic for talking/singing. I have used this a couple of times on Jamulus sessions.

You could also connect the headphone out to the audio interface input with a suitable cable, but I’m not sure why you would do this.



Wait you have a 2i2 already

And you want to get a mustang micro?

Sure, but you wont need the 2i2 to connect it to the PC.