Fender Precision 1960's Bass - VST Plugin for FREE!

I use Modo Bass from IK Multimedia for a lot of my productions and it goes for something like $200 USD. I was up at their site today and saw they made available 1 bass model out of 22, a free download! This is a nice VST bass package and well worth the download. It works via midi notes, either played from a keyboard or input into a DAW’s piano roll.

To get this, use THIS LINK to MODO BASS

Once on the page, look to the right and locate the RED “FREE” Button. Click that and you will be able to download the installer for this free bass.

I hope you enjoy and if so, let us know what you think!

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Download got blocked by my Internet Security as it contained a Blacklist URL, :frowning_face:

Very Strange Toby. Works fine here. I tried to figure out where IK Multimedia was located? But had no luck. I wonder if it is being blocked by a regional or country type of deal?

BTW - Where exactly did you get blocked? When clicking my link? When you hit the red FREE button? Or after that? What AV you running?

I sent the link to @DavidP and lets see what he reports on this one. That is assuming he wants the free bass plug…


Got to this point and AVG blocked it. Could switch my VPN to your area later…if I can work out how to access the site as that is now blocked as well. :rofl:


What AV security package you running there mate? - OH Sorry, I missed you are using AVG!

I have the installer here and can post it at G-Drive if that would help? Let me know…


Thanks for pushing the link my way, LBro. My memory is not serving me well as I already have this and it is in use in my current original song project. What I can’t remember is how I came across it. Probably a conversation with you, but maybe picked it up in some other way.

All that aside, I followed the link and went all the way through to having the installer downloaded. So no issues for me.

Thanks for letting us know David! It sounds like Toby may need to VPN into the link to have it work I guess.

I don’t know how long the “free” bass has been up there? Maybe I did turn you onto it a while back. To me it is a great bass VST.


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Yes, I was able to download, no problem.

I’m not sure anyone needs a program like AVG or Avast any more. Every OS has good security built in these days.

Just a side note - My memory is worse!

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If I may ask - where you located approximately?

Yes please sir, drop me an email. Thx :sunglasses:

Just switched VPN to “somewhere in the US near you” and got access to the site but same block on download.

Blue Mountains, near Sydney, NSW, Australia.

What’s a memory :rofl:

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Sounds like a false positive. Can you disable AVG and try?

Of course I can’t email the download package as it is close to 90mb. Here is a link to the installer package.

My hunch is you still may be blocked by AVG as the installer will locate back to their site for the goods!

On another front I Googled AVG & IK Multimedia, looking for any issues. I did not find anything though.

Let us know how this panned out for you.

All the best,

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I think you are likely correct!


No need to disable AVG I just added the site as an exception and was able to start the download.
@LBro I’m good ! Installer not required now. :+1:


Thanks Alan!

Did you try the bass yet? If so, what do you think?


Just heading out while downloads are running - adding some Waves HD Samples while I am at it, will check this Bass later while you get some zeds. Will let you know :+1:

Got ya - Toby,
Let us know if it was worth it!


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