Fergus sung it now I'm trying to play the blues

I’ve been having a dabble at the blues in Am pentatonic. I did one yesterday but forgot to put the blues setting on on my amp. So here is my second attempt.

Critique welcome and thanks for watching.


Nice clean playing Stefan and you definitely had the blues vibe going on. Thumbs up :+1: from me!

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Well done Stefan definitely worthy first attempt, so good chops thrown in there and good melodic sequences. Keep it up :wink:

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Well done Stefan. Some good melodic sequences there and making good use of the fretboard. You’ve definitely got the blues in you. Look forward to following you in the blues journey.

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Nice Stefan! Great that you’re not restricting yourself to one box shape. One suggestion since you asked: start having a go at doing the microbends on the thirds. For example, the second note you played (high E string, 8th fret) would benefit from a slight tweak up. (and everywhere else the flat 3 occurs obv). I don’t think it’s a really difficult technique, but it makes a huge difference:


That sounds very nice Stefan, if this is only a second attempt I’m sure you’ll enjoy a lot the further practice, as this is already very well played. Bravo!

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Very nice, thought it went well with the backing track. A couple of things I try to work on to help with my improv #1 learn licks and then try to voice them differently & change the rhythm then throw them in on the improv #2 Trying to vary the rhythm, typically I’m trying to move between playing whole, eight notes and triplets.

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Stefan that was very good. Your notes were clean and very bluesy. :clap::clap:

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@Eddie_09 Thanks for the listen Eddie and the comments.

@adi_mrok Thanks Adi and thank you for the listen and comments.

@Socio Thanks James, I glad you found it bluesy. Thanks for listening and the comments.

@twistor59 Phil, thanks for the video and the feedback, Phil. There are odd times I do think that a bend would sound good there. I’ll give the video a watch and work it into my playing.

@SILVIA Thanks Silvia. Thank you for the comments and the listen.

@EndlessRepetition Thanks for that Leon. I remember Justin saying in one of his videos that it was like a conversation between two people. I need to try and remember that when I’d playing. Thank you for the listen and the feedback.

@RonG Thank you for the comments and the listen Ron.

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Ah good stuff. He’s sharing again! :smiley:
We all have a bash at the ol’ blues impro sooner or later and yours is better than most I’ve seen/heard. The big question is whether you catch the bug and follow that path of just dabble every now and again.
Just curious as to why you used a precooked backing track when you have a Trio+. That’s exactly what those babies are made for :smiley:
Looking forward to when you start vocalising "Oh, my baby left me… " over that :sunglasses:

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@brianlarsen I think I’m just going to be a dabbler, Brian. I enjoy it but I enjoy playing and singing more.

I knew you’d chastise me on that. I was just being lazy and wanted to get something out to see if I was doing it right but I’ll give the Trio a run out next time.

:joy: Thanks for the listen and the comments Brian.

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Well done Stefan. Welcome to the blooooze club! It’s great fun and you can take it as far as you like. It’s a great diversion from singing and strumming.

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@sairfingers Thanks for the listen and comments Gordon. I have to say, it is very easy to get lost in it, especially if your backing track is 20 minutes long. :smiley:

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Nothing wrong with 20 minute backing tracks. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Sounding good for your first attempt, some nice phrases and movement.
I am sans internet for a few days due weekend storms, so had to listen on the mobile but even with a carp speaker tone sounded ok.

Keep working at it, its a very interesting rabbit hole and there’s lots of nice bunnies :rabbit: to keep you company.


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@TheMadman_tobyjenner Thank you Toby for the listen and the comments.

No, I agree but I’m sure nobody wants to hear me hacking at the blues for 20 minutes. :joy:

A very good session to build on! Phrasing, dynamics, story telling, embellishments and fatter tone can be something to work toward over time. The pentatonic blues bedrock is there for sure. Nicely done!

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@CT Thanks for the listen and the comments Clint.

Just with regard to getting a fatter tone, I take it that it is something I do on the amp? I’ve used a blues file that I imported into my amp, so already thought it should be sounding right. I guess I need to tinker with the file but to make it sound fatter do you know what I would need to adjust to help it sound that way?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

If you are happy with the tone, then there is not much more to be done. :slight_smile:

For my ears, I would consider using the middle or neck pickup on the tele (I couldn’t tell which pickup you were using), roll back the tone just a bit, add a compressor at the front of the signal chain to add some sustain and to even things out a bit, and add some delay (slapback) at the end of the signal chain.

Dialing in guitar tone is something to work toward. Rarely does a preset or other configuration from someone else is going be optimal on another person’s rig.

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This one tricked me… I was thinking I already commented and in fact had not.

At any rate, you are doing good on your timing and play. At times you look a little unsure of things. But more practice will take care of that…

Keep at it and all the best!

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@LBro Thanks for the listen and the comments LBro. It is true I did kind of lose the plot a couple of times. I was hoping no one would notice. :smiley:

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