Finished grade 1 today!

just a little celebration post and a thank you to Justin and his team!



Congrats. I finished it Monday. Just going onto theory module #3 and guitar grade #2 now.

well done, party hard!

I don’t want to rain on your parade but… finished? Meaning that you’ve learnt and mastered everything taught in the grade… or that you’ve just finished watching the videos? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

meaning: I qualified for Justins video about how to pass grade 1.

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:beers: good job.

Good job!

You are definitely on your way to the beautiful world of guitar playing!!!
Keep up the great effort!

Well done, great effort :+1:

Congratulations, Joost! Do tell how you’ll celebrate!

Congratulations Josso. Great accomplishment. Enjoy the well earned celebrations :guitar::tada:


Well done Joost!! Enjoy Grade 2, it’s a blast :slight_smile:

Well done, enjoy Grade 2! Wish you a lot of fun!

Great job

Congratulations Joost ! Keep the train rolling onto grade 2.

Nice one Joost. Enjoy grade two. Even more to learn. :smiley:

@Josso congratulations and well done. :tada:

It’s pretty much exactly a year since I bought a guitar on a whim and found Justin’s lessons, and I’m so glad I did.

Keep celebrating those little wins.