Fire And Rain My opening song on OM4...Not!

A song I planned to do on OM4 last Saturday but my poor management of the sound issues on my Mac led to me being a no show. I’ve not checked but I’m pretty sure I’m playing it too slowly. Falling into a comfort zone I guess. Hope the link works.

My first foray into the “Community”!

Edit: Not sure how my private moment with clever Trevor haas ended up as my Avatar!


Nice one @Willsie01
Had to think were I knew that one from but it came to me :smiley:


Welcome to the forum @Willsie01 sounds good James Taylor isn’t easy to pull off.
good Job

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This was a super cool performance. Really enjoyed it, even if you went for a bit of a slower tempo. See you at the next open mic I hope!

This is my first post on here as well, so let’s see if it works.


So good you’ve landed here John and with I mighty fine splash. :wave:

Really cool John, looks like you were practicing a lot and stepped up your game even more! Shame it didn’t work on OM but I am sure next time we will sort it out! :slight_smile:

Nice version of this song, John, would have liked to hear you playing it at the Open Mic! I finished learning this song a few months ago and had intended to play it at the 2nd last Open Mic, but I just wasn’t happy with my vocals. You on the other hand have done well on both the playing and the singing.

Good to see you here, John, and making a grand entrance with a wonderful rendition of a great song.

Your playing and singing sure did hit the sweet spot. We missed out at the OM. I hope I am correct in inferring from this recording that you have resolved all the technical issues that you were having.

The tone and balance of this recording was spot on. Two things I suggest you have a look at for your next.

Firstly, I was hearing this in my left channel only. Not sure how you made the recording, so can’t speculate on how to produce a stereo audio, that I’d be hearing in both ears.

Secondly, the loudness of the recording was pretty low. Not a huge issue since I just turned up the volume on my side. And rather to be softer than too hot and clipping. But if this is indicative of the levels for the next OM, then would be good if you can boost the loudness some.

Bravo and look forward to your next!

Nice job and great song choice. I like this one… One thing though, the level on the video at YT seems a bit low. You may want to mess with that a bit. I had to turn it up quite a bit. Took nothing away from your performance though.

Keep rock’n,

Homer can do it all!

Not sure I did pull it off, but thanks!

Encouragement from a fine player! Much appreciated Luka.

Hu Maggie, glad to be here and see you’ve arrived too. Thanks for the greeting!

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Hi Adrian, I have practiced this song a lot and I hope that it’ll get better. Particularly so that I can play it without reading the music and reduce the high mistake count! I hope my game is improving but to be honest I think where I’m at with this song is more to do with the months I’ve put into practicing it.
I definitely hope I fix my OM Zoom issues!

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Thanks Mari, I look forward to your performance of this song. I’m anticipating good things.

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Hi David, thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, I’m fairly certain that my Zoom issues aren’t resolved yet. I initially tried to record this song a couple of days ago using Zoom and I couldn’t do it without horrendous interference on my laptop. I recorded this using Quicktime. This doesn’t suffer the interference and I’ve no idea why Zoom does but it doesn’t. Recording on the L channel also happened on the last songs I uploaded to AVOYP but I totally forgot! I’ve still got the three issue to sort. The sound interference of my laptop; recording to both channels and the volume level. I must admit I generally don’t thing much about the volume I just wind up the volume control.

Hi Bro, thanks and yes I do need to improve my recording skills. Your comment is similar to DavidP’s and I’ve described my issues more fully in a reply to him.

Welcome to the community. Great opening post and I enjoyed your performance also :+1:

Sorry to hear that, John. I forget now, what OS are you running on your laptop. If Apple maybe Clint can help as I think he runs Apple and performed at an OM without a problem.

If Windows or Linux then perhaps reach out to Majik.

I’d offer to help but suspect I’d be out of my depth on this one, being ok with not much more than the basics.

I have a MacBook but the internal speakers are not working. From searching the forums this might mean the sound software is faulty. I’ve tried the various fixes but to no effect yet. Apparently a problem for my particular model.