Fire & Rain by James Taylor

Ooh, I loved it! You were so great! I love these type songs and artists. Now on to see if you have more songs uploaded. If not, I look forward to more!

Update: I did go listen to your other song posted. Incredible! Another great one. In this current post, you said you don’t like listening to your voice. You shouldn’t worry. It’s beautiful. :heartpulse:

Michael, that was wonderful. Great vocals and the finger picking was brilliant. Bravo!

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Thanks so much @pkboo3! It was quite a learning curve figuring out how to make a recording with decent sound. And now that I’ve got the basics down I’ll def post more songs down the road. Thanks again for your wonderful praise!

I love it! I have felt the same way as you describe about fingerstyle, but it’s so beautiful I can’t ignore it and am putting it in my regular practice schedule. I play this song with a pick, learnt it a long time ago - I think I took Justin’s lesson and adapted it to use a pick. I hope to do it fingerstyle and if I do it as well as you I’l be very happy indeed! Great job.

Thanks @thegoog . I think that if I can do fingerstyle then you can too😊

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That was a joy to listen to Mike. Beautifully played and sung mate.

Thanks so much @Dro_1

Hi Mike,
Great job, I really enjoyed listening to it. And for your 2nd attempt at fingerstyle, awesome job. Your rendition sounds great. Hope to see more from you.


Thanks @Just_Dan !!!

I started to try and learn Fire and Rain and immediately found out that finger-style playing would be another phase of my learning guitar. I think you do a lovely job with Mr. Taylor’s song!

Really enjoyed this rendition… very well done, particularly liked your dynamics! Really brought feeling to the mix along with the complementary singing! Good job!


Yes it took me quite some time to learn finger style playing - by practicing one phrase at a time.

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Thanks Tod!

Well played this is a good song

Beautiful playing, and your voice sounds really nice with it, actually makes me think of James Taylor.

I wouldn’t know if it was slower without listening to the recordings side by side. Remember, not every professional artist necessarily covers a a song at the same speed. At least that’s my excuse when I can’t keep up with a particular song I’m practicing!

Very impressive singing and vocals!! My finger picking needs attention, but this genre and style seems to fit you like a glove! Keep jamming :+1:

Absolutely terrific. Really nailed it.

Wow. Just wow. Fingerpicking and vocals. I’ve been at it a lot longer than you have, am not nearly that good. Thanks for sharing that great song - it’s on my bucket list of songs to learn.

I’d be very very very proud of I managed to do what you just did.

I’ve tried doing that song with just strumming but it doesn’t do it the justice it deserves.

You nailed it vocally and instrumentally. Well done.

Thanks Kevin! I really appreciate your comment. It was really great fun recording the song and learning some technicalities of recording.