First AVOYP: Everyday is Like Sunday - Morrissey

Hi Everyone,

After 4 years effort learning with Justinguitar this is my first post playing guitar and ‘singing’. Not something I ever thought I would hear myself saying.

I have made a few mental notes after watching, try to look less miserable (it is a Morrissey song though), check camera positioning before recording - I do have a slightly large forehead but not so big I can’t fit it on the screen. There are some fluffs, but that’s where I am at the moment with playing/recording myself, a bit fluffy.

Singing is totally new thing for me and is so far out of my comfort zone that I might as well be addressing you from a distant galaxy. So lots to work on. I am finding it quite a buzz though playing and singing at the same time. Thanks for watching.


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Bravo, Alan, making and sharing the first recording is a milestone to celebrate. I can relate to all you shared about your experience.

Lots to like in the recording. I’m sure it came across better to me than maybe your own self-assessment. Playing was smooth and steady, and good job on the percussive hits.

Make a few more AVOYP recordings and when you feel ready (I say feel because technically I think you are ready) then the next buzz is playing at the Community OM.

Wow, terrific debut AVoYP Alan. Mostly clean chords, steady strum pattern with good rhythm and timing. All good.
As for singing being out of your comfort zone. No worries there. You’ve got a good voice.
Well done.

Thanks David for your kind words and encouragement. OM definitely something to aim for at some point in the future. Looks a lot of fun but quite daunting.

Thanks Gordon. Much appreciated :+1:

Whohooo, Alan, congrats on your first AVOYP :partying_face::champagne::bouquet:!! That was really good :+1::clap:!!
The playing sounded super fine and confident. Your voice also suited nicely. And with some more practice, you’ll build up more confidence in that area, too :smiley:. Playing and singing simultaniously is no easy thing at all. But so worth it :blush:.
You really did great :star_struck:.
Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

Indeed. And nobody is going to say that the first time wasn’t a moment filled with nerves and tension. But I can say that over time it gets more comfortable, though even last night I was aware of some tension in my body, effecting my left hand. But at least I didn’t have a desert-dry mouth, extreme shortness of breath, and trembling hands (which was the case in the early days).

So I don’t think one will ever really feel super confident and ready. That first performance is an act of courage. As we know courage is not the absence of nerves, fears, etc but the acting inspite of the nerves. And there really is no safer, more supportive space to take that courageous step … when you choose to do so (should you want to do so, it’s not obligatory).

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Hi Alan, congrats on posting your first AVoYP. This is a wonderful milestone to achieve and you done so with lots of positives to pleased about mate. It may feel like singing is out of your comfort zone but the more you do it the more comfortable you become. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Thanks Nicole for your lovely message. Looking into the best way forward to improve on the singing with the intention of working in some regular practice. Best wishes Alan :+1:

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Thanks James. Much appreciated :+1:

:clap: Amazing AVOYP-debut, Alan! Very well done. :+1: :smiley:

You can be very proud of this milestone: First time recording and sharing it to others is really something! We all went through this at some time and (at least I hope :sweat_smile:) it will get easier with some routine.

Smooth and steady playing, nice dynamic changes in it. Regards the singing: it’s also a matter of practice and routine. Your voice sounds really nice, so you don’t need to hide there! :smiley:

I’m looking forwardt to your next recording, Alan! Thanks for sharing this one. :slight_smile:

Thanks Lisa, great to have such nice feedback. Much appreciated :+1:

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Congratulations Alan, that was a rock solid first AVOYP, your strumming is in time , your chord changes are accurate, and your singing is in tune. I agree with @DavidP , this performance would not be out of place at a Community OM. Well done! :+1:

Great first AVoYP. Your strumming and timing sounded good to me.

Great opening post Alan. Always loved this song and I thought you did a fantastic job on it! Keep up the good work!

Thanks @theoldman66 @skinnyt @Eddie_09 for you kind words and feedback. Much appreciated. :+1:

Hi Alan,
Your first, as said is really a mile stone :partying_face: :sunglasses: :clap:

But you’ve only been playing for 4 years but with singing less, so I’ll sit down and don’t have too high expectations, but you surprised me positively and I don’t entirely agree with your own criticism…stay tuned critical of course ,but not too …but your voice sounded very nice to me and your entire range of presenting is not part of a normal first performance, it was very good…
:clap: :sunglasses: :clap:

Hi Roger,
Thank you for your kind comments I am glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you for this, I did spend a some time thinking about presentation, one thing I noticed though it did make me slightly less relaxed and added to a bit of performance tension.
I also took a leaf out of your book from one of your recent posts in the use of household items to try enhance the recording and fashioned a camera stand out of a cardboard box and guitar stand. Thanks for the inspiration.
Best wishes,


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:joy: :sunglasses:

But That is a normal good thing :sunglasses:

Thanks and see you :sunglasses:

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That sounded good mate. I could sense the tension in the beginning (red light fever I assume) and then as you got into it, you got a lot more relaxed.

Nice share!