First beginner recording for Grade 1

Hi Guys,
I just introduced myself on the introductions page, so Im hoping some of you could take a look at my first few songs and help me to decide if I should progress to grade 2??
I’m also trying to get some stage fright nerves under control by putting these up. they are just the 3 songs I practiced last night, and I’ve uploaded them mistakes and all! maybe you can give me some criticism/tips

I find I’ve been struggling to get my fingers down properly for the D (and just trying to hit those 4 strings) so I’m trying to do a few songs with D involved. Same issue sometimes for my C.

Also working on trying to keep the rhythm going while my fretting hand is frantically trying to get into the right spot.

Anyhow, here they are - fire away



Hi Steve. Well done for posting your first AVOYP. The strumming was consistent, chord changes were good too. Getting the fingers to land together on the D chord will come naturally the more you practice. It looks like you’re ready to move on to Grade 2 but try not to be in too much of a rush. The more skilled you get at this level, the easier the progression is later.
That’s a beautiful guitar you have there by the way. Looks and sounds like a Cole Clark.

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Sounding good mate. Great progress. Strumming was awesome. Keep playing songs and working on changes and the chord changes will get cleaner.

Looks like a Cole Clark Fat Lady 1. Really nice guitar.

Very close with the guitar - Yes, its a CC, but its an Angel 2 :+1: (The FL felt a bit too big for my untrained arm)

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Sounding great there, Steve! :sunglasses: :+1: Strumming hand is going consistently, changes are quick and I can see you utilising an anchor finger when you can (A->D transition for instance). The WYWH riff also well played. I’d say you’re in good position to move on if you’re feeling ready, although as Peter said above, there’s no rush and further consolidation can certainly help down the track (advice I should’ve taken myself earlier on! :joy:)
Gorgeous guitar btw! :guitar: :heart_eyes:

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Ah, i thought I had that picked out, whoops! I’ve been staring at the Cole Clark website a lot recently comparing all the models. Looks great.

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Thank Jeff,
I think Id like to get these songs plus a couple more nailed before I move on.
Im still enjoying practicing these and doing some chord change practice for another couple of weeks.

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For grade 1, they’re great. Well done :slight_smile:


Well done on posting your first AVoYP Steven. Three confident performances there with steady strumming and good timing. Good stuff.
Something I noticed particularly on country roads. Your fretting arm looks like it was resting on your leg. That is a real no no. Might have been the camera angle. Lift the guitar neck a few degrees above the horizontal.
Also on country roads it looked as if your guitar was resting against the arm of your sofa. The problem with getting this “accidental” support is that if you sit in a different chair or play standing up you’ll suddenly not have the leverage that the sofa arm was giving you. You’ll notice this in particular when you come to barre chords. Make sure it’s only your body that the guitar is resting against.

As for moving on to grade2, go for it, but keep revisiting the grade 1 modules to make sure you’ve got good foundations. It’s important to keep things interesting to avoid getting stuck in a rut but it’s equally important not to jump ahead too fast.

Great first post. Strumming,chord changes and timing seemed good to me. D chord will improve with practice, like everything

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Amazing! Really great. I’m just at the end of the second lesson in the beginner course and if this is the level I can possibly get to at the end of the first grade, I’m even more motivated to practice, practice, practice. Well done!

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Steven @Coxy108
Definately ready for Grade 2 :+1:


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I would say you are exceptionally successful at grade 1 if you’ve never played an instrument or made music in other capacity before. Great timing at this level, very nice strumming and picking. Very well done.

Hi Steve and congrats on posting your first recordings! Red light phobia is definitely a thing and it gets easier the more you do it.

I enjoyed these! You look ready for grade 2 to me. Strumming looks nice and consistent.

Coxy, like others have said you are 100% ready to move on. I think it is a good idea to have a break between modules. I would use the break between modules to have some fun and learn songs. Don’t worry about practise routines or exercises during this period

Gordon, thanks for the great feedback.
I can see that my are looks like its sitting on my leg, but it must just be the angle of the phone - but you are correct that the guitar was resting on the arm of the sofa there. Thats not normally where I do my practice, so I’ll keep my eye on that one.
I’m happy so sit tight for another week or two to make sure im getting these chords sorted before I move on, but defiantly looking forward to the beginner’s grade 2!

Thanks, yes I’d like to be able to play several songs without having to look at the chords so I’m going to be working on that for the next week or two. See you around the forum :+1:

HA! It certainly doesn’t sound that way to my ear, but looking at all these encouraging reply’s, it really does help with the motivation to keep it up.

Thanks Paul,
Yes, Im loving the practice as well as actually being able to play something - Anything!, on an instrument so I reckon if I can do it then anyone can.
Ive been dedicating at least an hour most nights of the week for the last 8 weeks or so to get this far, but as others have said I’m not in a rush to move on until I know that ive got these things nailed.
Good luck, hope to see some of your songs up soon :+1:

Well done. Grade 2 time!!!

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